My Airbnb guest stop for a chat this evening when he came in. He is from Nairobi, Kenya although of Indian origin. Interesting person to talk to. Told me that there were many poor people in Kenya but they were generally content. He showed me pictures of the area as well as of some of his trips, one of which was a video of a lioness and her three friends. He said wild animals were  common sight and he invited me to visit his family in Kenya who just happen to have an apartment attached to their house for guests..I’m there! especially if I can see lions in their natural habitat.  He said people still have small holdings there with 4-5 dairy cows and their vegy patch, trying to make enough money to live. That topic originated because he was was excited by the quality of the dairy products here, apparently the milk tastes so much better that in Kenya, even though his family buy direct from the farmer with no processing in between.

I took him up the Mt Cootha to see the city by night.. he was very impressed.. as he was with the fact that I could actually parallel  park into a parking space..  I don’t really have to do that very often any more.  Just as well .. when I looked down on it from the viewing platform it wasn’t exactly straight!



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