Today I decided that I needed to finish getting all the items from underneath cleaned , sorted and priced for the garage sale I plan to have next Saturday. I texted a friend (B) and asked if they would come and help and I’m pleased to say he was able to, although he did more watching than helping on his own admission! It did make it much easier to get it done with someone to chat to and he did help with cleaning and pricing.  It is amasing what can be collected even when you are making deliberate decisions NOT to accumulate. Mostly bits and pieces from the renovations but I have 95% decided to go and live in UK for a while so I am also trying to get rid of as much as I can so I don’t have to store it. B. also helped drink U Ron’s beer as no one else wants it, especially not me, so I was pleased to have it drunk.  Only a dozen left now.

You may wonder why I decided to have a garage sale just before I go overseas for 3 months. It is mainly because I brought some of U Ron’s stuff home and need to get rid of it and I might get a few dollars for it that I can “waste” on the pokies in Vegas. Was going to use any money I earnt driving Uber but as I haven’t driven for a week or so, I haven’t earnt any:(


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