I finally decided to pack and managed to get it all in a small case although a very tight fit..  mostly stuff for my daughter. My son picked me up around 6pm and we headed off to get Punjab Indian from Melbourne st. Very good Indian, we like it anyway.

There were no parks so I hopped out to pick it up and as I got out MIB said, “oh by the way, it’s not paid for”.. cheeky!  We took it back to eat with Leets and I was allowed the 2 samosas as I really like the entrees and the kids , especially Leets , prefers the curries.

I was taken to the airport and that’s where the dramas began.

I was inadvertently in the wrong queue. I was in the internet check in queue.  For some reason I hadn’t once thought about checking in on line so I got in the other queue but while I was waiting I checked in on the phone…  I’m getting very tech savvy!  so then I could go in the short queue.

Lady came and asked if I had checked in and took me to a desk and then the fun began.  Checked in baggage was fine.. 22 kg and I was allowed 32 on Thai. It was heavy because of all Tups stuff .. couple of cut glass decanters amongst other things.

Carry on was 12 kg…  and she said it was too heavy…  It was heavy because I am taking mum home to be with dad. Didn’t know what to do with her here. She was very small but she weighs a lot now!

Too much she said, could I get some in my checked bag…  No way.. it was at its absolute limit as I had managed to get it in my small case .. but only just!  BUT I did have a back pack in my bag so she said, just step aside and put some in there and check in 2 bags.

So, I sat on the floor and took a couple of books out and a few other things .. I really didn’t have that much that I wanted to turf as I had all my cables, chargers etc in there and a change of undies and my wash gear as I can shower at Bangkok. I have a couple of free priority passes from my credit card. Also had my baby computer but I wasn’t going to put that in the hold.

She came and asked how I was going but after she weighed it, she said it was still too heavy.. took a bit more out and went and checked it myself but it was still 9kg.  Ah I thought, I’ll use the backpack as carry on and the case as check in. Well that worked ok but….

I didn’t keep a book out or my Sudoku so I have NOTHING to do on the flight.. not even my ear phones and I have trouble hearing with airline ones..   “Not happy Jan”.

Hence, I am sitting in the bar writing this and drinking a large glass of wine!

I guess I’m just going to have to buy a book…  that really goes against the grain considering the number of books I returned to Busy Fingers after U Ron died.

Sorry, no pics..  don’t have any cables to  transfer them!!!!!


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