Flight was good.. had a window seat and slept most of the way. There wasn’t a big gap between the window and the seat so the pillow didn’t fall through.

Food was ok green beef curry for dinner and omelet for breakfast.. which I didn’t even open but the croissant and fruit was nice. They even had REAL milk for the tea.. bonus.

I was so looking forward to a nice shower and pleasant surroundings but I was foiled again.  I just hope the rest of the holiday doesn’t progress like this!

Went to the lounge full of confidence only to be told that my card had expired!  Again did not think to look, just assumed that it would be right as I have all my travel docs in a bag so I don’t have to go searching for different bits, I just extract what I need. For UK I get my driving license oyster card etc and my priority pass card.  I was obviously not sent a new one.. grrrr  So now I’m sitting in a pub in Bangkok airport having a large cup of tea.


Off to find somewhere to spend the next 5 plus hrs. It’s 7:15 am here and I board at 12:40.


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