Found somewhere nice to sleep, well maybe not nice but comfortable. A chair like a banana lounge.

I was on the F concourse because that’s where the lounge was that I was suppose to go to (btw my priority pass was only 2 months out of date.. but I suppose it does  matter whether it’s 2 months or 2 years… ) and when my gate finally came up it was on C concourse.. 850m  and no FitBit to measure my steps! Took it off to have a shower just before I left and put it on to charge for a while and….   nothing , dead as a door nail.

Looked at the price here duty free and it’s the same price as Aussie and that was suppose to be with 20% discount.. how does that work?

Just had a really nice fruit platter.  Pics are taken with my computer so not good quality but I’m sure you get the idea.


Only a bit over an hour now before I board….


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