Slept really well but forgot to change my watch so I didn’t know what time it was when I woke up. Tried to work it out but it was just too hard:) Heard someone so dived out of bed and it was TP who said it was 6am so time for a cuppa.

I had taken a pile of photos for her which for some reason I hadn’t thrown out after scanning so we reminisced over them for a while. Mib looks the same in all photos but TP changes; if I saw some of them out of context I wouldn’t know it was my daughter.

Bacon, tomatoes and baked beans for breakfast, usual fare on a Saturday at my cousins. Was delicious.

My cousin is house hunting and has been for a couple of years. They had found nothing they liked until this week when they saw 2 that would be acceptable. My cousin asked if I wanted to go with them to a viewing and I jumped at the chance as I really like looking at houses.

I really liked it as it needed some renovating and it had huge potential. All the electrics had already  been done which is a big bonus. There were 10, yes 10 power points in one bedroom and 8 in the other. The 3rd  bedroom was a little box room and only had 2.  Lounge was similar.. 8 power points.. they had put in even more than I do!

Garden was great too. Had an apple tree which had yummy apples. I tried one, I think it was a Coxes Orange Pippin. They are delicious but I’ve never seen them in Aussie. There was a greenhouse, garden shed, veggy garden.. so much potential. Everything was overgrown as the place had been empty for a few months.

I would love to renovate it but costs more than I have even if I sold and cashed in everything I own!! Maybe if my cousin buys it I can help..

TP, FP and I then decided a walk was in order. My cousin went off to golf.

There is a place called the Rickmansworth Aquadrome close to my cousin’s at Rickmansworth. It used to a very large quarry but it is now full of water and there are many varieties of water birds live on and around it and there are heaps of walks around it. The material was used to build the origional Wembly Stadium.

I think it stretches from Rickmansworth almost to Heathrow.

We walked by  The Cafe in the Park   where you can sit and watch the birdlife and we stopped for a cuppa and food for FP who had porridge and sultanas.  Lots of sultanas..I’d say there was a cup full of them.  Good value and TP said it was really decent coffee.

TP left a candelabra somewhere yesterday so we went into Rickmansworth to see if she had left it at M&S but no. She had passport photos taken so we went to see if she had left it there. On the way we went to Boots to buy a present for her friend with whom we were having afternoon tea, and totally forgot about the missing parcel.

Home to S and then back to the train for the City.  We walked at what TP calls London pace.. which is fast!  100m down the road and FP said… you haven’t got the parcel so he kindly ran back and got it. I wonder if I get it off TP or visa versa. Had to walk even faster then to catch the train but we made it and I still had money on my Oyster card from the last time I was in UK.

Got off at Great Portland street. I used to get off there when I went to uni in London many years ago when it was called the Polytechnic of Central London. It’s now the University of Westminster.

Sergio’s – Really into the Christmas spirit

There was an  Italian restaurant, Sergio’s, on Great Titchfield St,  which was already well into the Christmas spirit. A big white Christmas tree on either side of the entrance. When we walked back after dark it looked very inviting and we thought we may go back and try it.



Also came across  a very unusual café, Attendant…  It used to be an underground public toilet.

Would you like to eat in a toilet?

We walked past where TP used to work and of course it had changed a lot. Where there used to be a hospital there is now a big apartment development.  £2, 450,000 . Yes, that’s the correct number of zeros for a 2 bed, 2 bath apartment.



While we were looking in the R/E window we saw a converted ware house apartment which was renting for £1,200 per WEEK!

There was a church that had been preserved right in the middle of the development. It didn’t look as though it was still going to be

The brick building is the church.

used as a church but we couldn’t check it out as there were still workmen in it. It was attached to a bar so maybe it was going to be an extension to that.


Had afternoon tea with C and J at Crazy Bear Fitzovia near Goodge Street. It was a celebration with C  for the future birth of her baby as they didn’t have another free date when they could all get together. It’s 2 months before the baby is due! I guess it is Christmas.

Amazing champagne glasses, really cool. Each afternoon tea was for 2. Worked well because TP’s 2 friends were vegetarians and TP and I aren’t.

Afternoon Tea!

Sandwiches were different too, they are usually little crust less triangles or fingers but these were like teardrops. Then a plain and fruit scone with clotted cream and jam and 6 little cakes.

Too much for 2 and I actually asked the waiter to take it away so I didn’t keep nibbling after I had already had more than enough.

After all my efforts of reducing the waist line I don’t want to increase it again.



The toilets at the restaurant were really weird, you walked in and there were mirrors everywhere, not plain mirrors but ones with patterns on them.

IMG_20161126_161833431 - Copy_LI (3).jpg
The blue section is the “waterfall”.

If someone hadn’t come out of a cubicle I wouldn’t have known where it was and then when you washed your hands a waterfall started all along the sink. Not only that, but hands appeared on the other side of the waterfall.. the sink was shared with the male’s facilities.

Strangest loo I have ever experienced and so out of keeping with the dark sophisticated restaurant upstairs.

Home to Rickmansworth and my favourite dinner at my cousins, Spalding sausage, mash and gravy. Yum. I would have posted a picture but I would hate to engender jealousy.


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