When I logged on for the second time at the airport, the system refused to allow me on, something about you aren’t know, but I think it meant I had logged on before. Anyway, I thought I’d try and trick it and change my passport number.. BINGO, ” Welcome Jane”

Flight was good to UK and had a great seat. A double seat to myself behind a set of three so although my feet hung over, they weren’t bumped when people walked past.

Thai Airlines was OK but I was reminded of Qantas as the staff were of the older variety and they were mostly miserable.

Arrived safely in UK but the passport scanner rejected my passport , my UK one that is, along with many other people’s so it took a while to get through passport control.  Chatted to a POME in the queue and he said passports were rejected all the time.

As I approached the baggage carousel I saw my bigger bag and waited a bit for the other but then I saw heaps had been taken off the carousel and there was my small one, so I grabbed it and headed out through nothing to declare.. didn’t even see a customs officer but I guess they were there somewhere.

As I went through the doors I saw my cousin.. she does stand out a bit as she is over 6 ft. Tup was next to her, bending down! She didn’t see me until Sue nudged her and then she ran!


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