Weekend breakfast again at S’s. Her husband always cooks breakfast of bacon, beans, tinned tomatoes and toast.

We headed off to the Aquadrome again but this time the destination was the Coy Carp for lunch. Takes about an hour and a half to walk there so by the time you arrive you are ready for a feed.

We have been there a few times and we usually have the roast, it being Sunday and Sunday lunch is roast time. TP and I usually share meals and TP decided on the lamb roast but by the time she had been to order she had changed her mind to the mixed on which you got a piece of lamb, turkey and beef with all the trimmings of course. Yorkshire pudding, stuffing wrapped in bacon, roast potatoes, parsnip and carrot and the mandatory gravy.

I would normally have taken a picture but while sharing TP noticed there was no lamb. Lamb is her favourite meat so she went off to the bar to find out why. Apparently there was no lamb that day so they just substituted the pork. It wasn’t mentioned when ordering.

Someone came around while we were eating and asked how the meal was. We told him about the lamb but no apology , just, “but there were lamb shanks”.

When we first got there it took ages to get our drink too. I think the young lady who served us must have been new but I am glad it wasn’t busy otherwise there would have been a few frustrated patrons. She seemed to have a lot of trouble ringing up the order. Eventually got all 4 drinks but when we went back for seconds, another problem.

They had no prosecco left and had to get some from the cellar. They did say they would bring it to the table but after 10 mins it still hadn’t arrived so I went and asked for a substitute. At least they didn’t adjust the price, the red was about 50p more.

All in all we have had much better experiences there and to top it off it wasn’t warm and cosy although there was a fire. We all felt chilly.

We walked around the lakes and then via the Grand Union Canal. There are some really nice barges moored on the canal except for the permanent moorings beside which rubbish tends to accumulate. Most moorings are a maximum of 14 days in any one year although how that is policed I don’t know.

They even have a special mooring outside Tesco’s, the supermarket, so that you can park and stock up on supplies.

We walked back a slightly different way, a round trip of arounds 2.5 hrs, on the way back there is less bird watching, the feathered variety of course.

Dinner tonight was pork pie.  I do like pork pie! The Spalding ones of course. My cousins returns there often to visit relatives and stock up on Spalding sausage, haslet and pork pie.

Not only do they taste delicious they look delicious too.

I’m not the only one who thinks their sausages are good. George Adams and Co The Crescent Spalding is the butcher to go to.



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