Leisurely day today. TP left Ricky yesterday but I stayed on as there was another house viewing on the agenda. This one didn’t need renovating but if they chose to buy it a bigger kitchen would be in order.

Had another walk around the Aquadrome, it is an interesting place to walk around as there are always different birds and other things to see. A dog lover’s paradise as everyone walks their dogs there from tiny Chihuahuas to Wolf Hounds.

Returned via Rickmansworth.

It is like a small village where the shops are – full of charity shops for some reason. TP bought FP a couple of shirts at one which I had to return and while there I bought some xmas paper.

You would expect to buy things from a charity shop for less than a normal retailer. S’s husband made some comment about the price but I didn’t register what he meant until later.  The price on the xmas paper was “3 for £1”. I paid 75p for 1!!

The candelabra that TP had left behind was still at the passport photo shop so she was happy. She thought I would carry it back to her place but no, she can do it. It is a very cumbersome thing. It was bad enough just taking it to S’s place

Caught a Met line train from Ricky at about 3. S’s hubby kindly drove me to the station. Changed at Farringdon and a train for Loughborough Junction pulled on to the platform as I came down the steps. That’s timing!

TP had kindly emptied some drawers for me and provided hanging space so I unpacked before investigating what was for dinner.

Couldn’t find any fresh veg although there were frozen ones in the surprisingly empty freezer. I found out later it had inadvertently been switched of and had defrosted. Defrosting the freezer is usually one of my jobs when I  come.

All the “jobs” I do are by choice, neither TP or FP expect me to do any jobs, but it would be no fun if I didn’t complain would it?

FP is vegetarian so I wasn’t surprised when there was only Quorn in the freezer and no real meat. TP likes it when I come as I get meat. She doesn’t bother otherwise, she usually just eats vegetarian.

Headed out again to buy some groceries. It’s about a 10 min walk to Camberwell shops. I was waiting to cross the road when an ambulance with lights flashing and noise blaring came along but people still crossed the road. I couldn’t believe it. There was a green man so they just crossed!

While I was shopping I received a message from FP that he didn’t need me to organise dinner for him BUT when I started doing veg, it was a different story.  He didn’t want to share the lamb though!


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