What a beautiful morning – very cold with frost on the ground but clear blue skies.

Washing today. I got up and put it in but wasn’t allowed to start it until 8am. TP didn’t want to disturb her upstairs neighbours.

Went out around 11 to see if the squirrels were still looking for food in the park and the cars still had frost on the window screens and there was frost on the ground in the park. It was really pretty.


Had a short walk round the park as I had to catch a train at 12:19.

Bought a roll and some ham and cheese for TP’s dinner. I went to a self serve check out and some one had left their change behind. 5 quid ($9). I thought I would use it to pay for my stuff but I couldn’t do it.

I’m in Camberwell in London. Someone pointed out that I hadn’t actually mentioned where I was staying. Closest station is Loughborough Juncton which is a mainline station about 5 mins walk away. The closest underground is Brixton which is about a 20 min walk, especially when you are walking with TP! She walks very fast!

Link to tube whereiamLoughborough Junction and Brixton are the closest stations to me.

There are buses which go to Brixton all the time though – less than a minute’s walk away but unless I am running late I tend to walk.

Met TP for lunch. Got off at St Pancras and walked to Camden Town where she works. That’s about a 20-25 min walk also. We went to a Thai restaurant, Taste of Siam, which does lunches for 6 pounds, currently about $10.50.  We share so we had 6 spring rolls, a beef noodle dish and, because TP loves them, a banana fritter. All shared between us.

Banana Fritters – Yum

Noodles aren’t my favourite dish but I agreed to try them and it was quite tasty, well very tasty but I would never choose them myself. Slimy things.


TP rushed back to work for a meeting and I went gym shoe and swim suit hunting. Got a swim suit but no joy for shoes so I tried Foot Locker in Brixton.

for TP!


Assistance in both shops less than helpful so I didn’t get any. I didn’t bring mine as I only wanted to bring a small case and with the goodies I brought for TP, I just couldn’t get them in.

Walked home from Brixton and thought I’d have a cat nap but no, not to be.  I got a text from TP saying  that she had forgotten the ball and bibs for netball and could I please have them at the Recreational Center by 6:30. Wasn’t expecting to  be there until 7:30!

Walked back to Brixton with the netball stuff and got there just in time but boy was it cold.

Frost on netball courts.

The netball courts had frost on them! TP asked if I would take some pictures and I did for the first two quarters and then I realised how cold my fingers were so I went inside the center.

I would do a lot of things for my kids but getting frostbite isn’t one of them. Took ages for them to defrost. It was only my fingers that were cold though, probably because they weren’t stuffed in my pockets but out taking pictures.

The weather is really great as it doesn’t feel too cold because there is no wind or rain, just beautiful sunny days. Was suppose to be “ -1 C but feels like -3” this morning.

Next stop, The Science Museum at South Kensington. The last time I went there was on a school trip and I recall we had to answer a heap of questions to ensure we had actually taken notice of what we saw!

They have a “lates” where only over 18s can go every month. We didn’t get there until 8 and we had booked the comedy show. TP really enjoyed it but I confess I slept through most of it. The first guy was OK, he put up slides of poisonous frogs.  The brighter the colour the more poisonous apparently. The next two I clearly slept through so I don’t know what they were talking about.

We had a bit of a wander after the show but were soon hustled out as the place closed at 10pm.  We had a look in the basement where the history of washing machine, fridges, toasters and the like is displayed. It was really interesting, I like social history so I think I shall have to return some time. Most museums are free and huge!

We took a bus back, #345.

Museum opposite bus stop.

It goes all the way from South Kensington to our closest bus stop. Takes a bit longer but saves changing tubes and then catching a bus or walking from Brixton.


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