Timing is still out, kept waking up at 11:20.  Twice at least and the second time I realised that maybe my watch had stopped. I was in the UK once before and I took it to a watch repair place when it stopped as I thought maybe the battery was dead,  but I was told it was a solar watch, I felt very silly but at least this time I’ve put it in the light. Just checked, sure enough it’s going again…  UK in winter is perhaps not the best place to use a solar powered watch.

Been busy doing domestic stuff today. My daughter wants me to make a Christmas cake so I looked to see what ingredients she had already. 3 packets of corn flour, 3 different containers of bisto, innumerable different bits of sugar. I could go on.

Went into the bathroom and the window was wide open. In winter?  “Oh yes, the fan has broken, we were waiting for you to come so you can let the electrician in.”

The ceiling is peeling in the bathroom because the flat above had a leak and it came through into TP’s bathroom. “Oh well mum we have the paint, brushes, drop sheets. We just need someone to do it.”  I wonder who?  Just as well I like painting.

TP is working at home today and she had a brain storming session with her team so I was asked to read out the sheets to her while she documented.  Not sure of the rate of pay yet.

I guess that’s what mums are for.

It is an absolutely beautiful day today – clear blue skies, not a cloud to be seen. Yes, I have been outside. In TP’s lunch break we went for a walk around Ruskin Park. http://friendsofruskinpark.org.uk/?page_id=1755 Just 5 mins away.

Lots of squirrels came to say hello. I get the impression that they get fed quite often.

Once I had determined what ingredients there were already for a Christmas cake I walked to the shops to get the remaining stuff. TP wanted a big cake which is 12in by 12 in. I asked her if she was sure and yes, she was. I usually make that amount into four cakes and give to 4 different people.

I also pointed out that a found a piece from last year in the cupboard but a big one was definitely required.

The biggest saucepan she has JUST holds the fruit so I think I will have to buy a cheap dsc01818bucket before mixing commences. Then of course there is the issue of a cake tin to be solved!

We left at 5pm to go across to Hackney, the new trendy place apparently. For speed we took a bus to Brixton where we went to the underground and took the  Victoria line and then the Overground to Hackney Wick. I am sure there must be a story as to why it’s called that.

We ran down the stairs to catch the Overground but missed it by “that much”. We had to wait a full 10 minutes for the next one! Maybe if TP hadn’t made me climb about 40 steps instead of using  the escalator we might have made it but I doubt it. It was probably faster using the steps.

I started “changing my eating habits” today which also involves more exercise so it was a good thing. I weighed in at 80 and 75kg is my goal. As I bought Toblerone at Bangkok and they are sitting on the side board, my will power is being tested.


The Crate, where we met TP’s friends is renowned for its pizza so the 7 of us shared 4 pizzas and they were really nice.img_20161129_190119190-2 It’s not one of my favourite foods but these were yummy. Sweet potato, stilton and walnuts was one. I don’t like stilton but I didn’t taste it as a separate flavour. Then courgette, feta and red onion, and another was prosciutto and rocket. I don’t know what the fourth was as I didn’t get a piece of it.

I don’t suppose eating pizza did my calorie count much good!

We all stood around two high stool sized tables and ate and drank for an hour or so until all the youngsters went off to watch a netball match between the UK and Jamaica.

I headed home via the same route except that I walked from Brixton to Camberwell. The pub is surrounded by warehouse and graffiti covered walls.

I though of going to a movie but I did not recognise any that were on.  Whatever did we do without mobiles that can tell you anything within seconds!?

FP made me a cuppa as soon as I got in and I sat down to drink it and promptly went to sleep. I was as bright as a button walking home but in the warmth I couldn’t stay awake. Still waking up at three though – my watch obviously didn’t get enough sun as it was telling me the wrong time again but I checked the phone for the correct time.


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