TP suggested I walk to Brixton with her for an early morning jaunt. There are market stalls daily in Brixton, it’s a West Indian, Caribbean community and they have lots of interesting stuff on the stalls so I walked back through there to check the stalls out properly and to buy some veg for dinner.

I was standing looking at a stall, thinking about what I needed and this guy sort of pranced around me. I said, “sorry”, thinking that I had been in his way and he said , as he skipped on his way, “sorry!, I’m not sorry I enjoyed it’.  It made me smile all the way home. The guys on the stalls said he was like that every day.

Sights on the walk home.

The “Pop up” is a trendy place to go for people in their 30’s according to TP. It opens around 10am and is filled with bars cafes and restaurants which have made their temporary home in the group of containers.

Walked back to Brixton to catch the Victoria line to Oxford Street to buy my trainers. The ASIC shop assistant in Argyle Street was very helpful and I am now the proud owner of new shoes. I should have worn them straight away but I didn’t and my feet got really sore just wandering around.

Successfully return TP’s boots and found a gift for FP but that’s all. Couldn’t find anything that I was remotely tempted to buy.

Did have my first Pret a Manger   though so the trip was worth it! dsc01914They make yummy baguettes.

Went home on the number 12 (see blog with gallery of pictures from the journey) and changed into my trainers while on the bus. My feet immediately felt better!

Kids came home about 6:30 , TP was a bit later than expected because the train she caught didn’t stop at Loughborough Junction so she got out at the next station and ran to the other platform but just missed the train going back. Apparently she is prone to catching the wrong train!

Made lamb chops and veg. FP said how nice it smelt when he came in and TP said, “That’s meat FP”. He’s a vegetarian.

They headed off to cat sit at one of their friends’ houses and I tried to watch TV but I could not get the remote to work. It is a phone remote and it kept saying it wasn’t connected to Wi-Fi. I gave up in the end.

I tried transferring my photos for the day from the camera. When I looked at the transfer heaps were missing.

OK, so tried transferring the ones from my phone but no joy there either.  Very frustrating.

I tried again with the camera and just copied the whole lot from the camera to a different folder and this time I got the lot.

Very technologically challenged!! I decided a wine would definitely help.


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