I was supposed to meet the kids at the Geffrye Museum at 10am when it opened. Checked out what time I had to leave and I thought I left in time to catch the bus just a couple of minutes away. Either I missed it or it didn’t turn up because I had to wait 12 mins which made me 12 minutes late. The kids had already ordered me a tea when I got there, they always have to have tea, not just at home but when they are out too. Lots of “T” stops.

The Geffrye Museum is housed in 300 year old alms houses and depicts living rooms through the ages from 1600 though to today.

You can also do a tour of one of the alms houses as it would have been. I really like this museum especially at Christmas when they show how the rooms would have been decorated and what food would have been eaten.

There was  a display of pictures of teenagers bedrooms and an explanation of why they had what they did in their rooms. I was a little skeptical as they were mainly extremely tidy.

Next stop was Columbia Road , we had planned to go for the flower market as it has a great atmosphere but it was on Sunday and the kids had other plans. It also has some interesting shops and when we visited Alice in Wonderland dsc02032and her friends where wandering around near the pub.

The self same pub that FP decided we should have a drink at, even though he doesn’t drink alcohol.  It was a real pub pub, The Royal Oak, with scrubbed wooden tables and mulled wine.

The over to Putney for lunch and drinks with their friends, one of whom was over from Australia. We met at a pub but there was lots of sport on, including the Aussie/England Rugby match, so there was nowhere to sit. We went to a Pizza shop instead. Not good. It seemed as though it was a new venture. Organic pizza. They had run out of large bases so they gave us 2 medium instead of one large. They were rectangular pizzas which was a bit different.

The kids and their friends went to another pub after eating but headed over to Ricky to have dinner with my cousin and a friend of theirs.

1 hr to get to the Geffrye Museum

Over an hr to get to Putney

Another 1.5 hrs to get to my cousins

Lots of travelling but all enjoyable stops.

Some of the travel was by bus which means that you can sight see on the way and there is always something different to see in London.

Had to stop and use the public toilets at one point, which cost 30p incidentally, and I was going to take a picture of the coin machine but the guys emptying it said no, you can’t take a picture as it upsets some people. If they hadn’t been there I would never have known.



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