Last night I went to practice Kizomba about 30 mins walk away but when I got there, I was told it was only on a Saturday. Can’t trust that internet! Walked back via Brixton and tried to find some Xmas presents but not much luck.

Turned on the shower this morning and got a cold blast on my head. I didn’t check where the shower was pointing, (which I never do), and it was pointing towards the end of the bath where my head was. Most unpleasant!

I went to Cheapside today, on foot, to meet up with one of the people I am house sitting for. TP was having a planning day so I wasn’t woken at the crack of dawn to make her a cuppa!

It was an hour and 15 mins walk via Elephant and castle. It’s great having a phone that Google maps will work on. I can find my way anywhere without trying to memorize the route. On the way I passed a fire station which was built in 1818.

Disused Fire Station

There was a notice on it saying it was no longer in use and nearly next door was a pub that was also no longer used as a pub. There are lots of pubs that are closed around London.

I had coffee with the house owner and he was very pleasant. Gave him all my credentials but he still wanted a couple of references. They have a dog, Loki and a 3 legged cat, Sherbi. I didn’t walk back as TP wanted to have lunch with me and then go for a walk.


I went to Bank station and what a maze that is.

A number of tube lines converge at Bank – Confusing!

I seemed to walk for ever trying to find the Northern line. I think there were 8 different exits surfacing at very different places.

Bought bits for dinner at Camberwell and made lunch when I got back to TP’s. Melts with ham, cheese, peppers and tomato. They were pretty good.

TP decided she was too busy to take her full lunch and go for a walk.

Dinner was not too bad either. Rice with apricots and onion through it with roasted peppers and the left over lamb with some veg. FP had pretend chicken with his.


After dinner TP packed as she is out tomorrow evening and we have to leave around midnight.

We had to pay extra to take a normal sized carry on. In fact I think TP had to pay to put it in the hold otherwise we would have to pay for one of the small bags as well.  The size allowed free is about the size of a shopping bag. Wouldn’t hold very much. This is with WIZZ airlines who I have never heard of. We go out on Ryan air which is OK but we have to get back and it is highly unlikely that we will come back with less than we took. Cheap airlines are not always so cheap!

I tried  to contact a Tango dance teacher to see if classes were on tomorrow evening, I didn’t want to make the effort to go again and find they weren’t on!


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