The kids friends were unable to make it today so TP texted me and asked me to go along with them. I was in Ricky and it was a 2 hr journey to Forest Hill but it is 1.5 hrs to Camberwell so not much different. I was going to stop at Wembley DFO or outlet as they are called here to see if I could find any Christmas presents but I went with the kids instead.

Looked for the route and set off but fortunately plans changed as FP was not feeling too well. I was to meet them for lunch instead and then FP was going home and TP and I continue to the museum. In the course of conversation TP realised I was going to the wrong place.  I had just entered Horniman Christmas Markets and not checked what TFL had picked up but it was obviously not the right place. Apparently, I was heading to North London and I needed to be in South London. I expect I would have realised at some point.

All’s well that ends well as they say. We had lunch at what FP called a “greasy spoon” café. They had had lunch there before and enjoyed it. I didn’t eat much as I I seemed to have done yesterday was eat.

FP ate a huge lunch, he has a “good tooth” as my mum used to say. A roast dinner with veggy burger and 2 slices of brown toast followed by bread and butter pudding. He headed home after lunch and TP and I went on to the Christmas Fair at the Horniman Museum.

The Christmas Fair was very much about kids but it was still enjoyable. They have lamas, sheep and other animals there which of course we had to view! It is surrounded by nice gardens including a herb garden which I always enjoy. We checked out the museum which has displays of stuffed animals done many years ago. It may not be the “done” thing now but it does allow children to see all sorts of birds and animals which they may not see otherwise. The kangaroo and wallaby where the right shape but their colour was a bit suspect. They must have faded through age or the taxidermy process.

There was a video showing how the preservation was done which was quite fascinating. It is a very long and delicate process. Much measuring is carried out to ensure that the final product is as close to the live specimen as possible. I hadn’t really thought about how they did it but they make a mould which represents the body and then use the skin to cover the mould to create the specimen. Only road kill etc is used these days.

We had a quick look around the stalls, there were only a few selling anything but food and drink. We then went to catch the bus past an innovative play area for kids. The equipment could be played rather than played on.

Went home on the bus and FP was feeling a bit better. Both TP and FP went to sleep so I prepared roast dinner as I’d promised I would. FP had pretend chicken and TP and I had roast lamb with the veg. Cauliflower chees, roast potatoes, gravy, brussels etc. Brussels here are so much better than those I can get in QLD.


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