I was checking cupboards to see what I needed to buy to make mince pies when the bell went. I went out and found a young lady at the door. She was in a bit of strife having locked herself out of her flat with her suitcase. Her handbag phone etc was inside. The door shut behind her when she walked out to get her case , which was also locked!

She found her boyfriend’s number eventually and rang him and after discounting various options, including sending the keys round in an Uber, he finally sent them by bike courier. She was a very pleasant young lady who had just returned from Delhi where she had been with work. She was there when the government banned all high denomination notes and she said it was chaos, especially as the new ones which were minted did not fit in the ATM’s. It is a cash economy apparently and the workers were not getting paid as there was a limit to the amount of cash the bosses could take out. Sounded horrendous.

The bike courier arrived within 25 mins so he was pretty efficient but by this time it was too late to get to the shops and make pastry so I just bought the ingredients ready for when we returned from Latvia.

TP and I had to use the same bag so I repacked it to make some room for my stuff and then had a sleep for an hr or so. FP came home and made me a cuppa and I then headed off to Tango. I decided to walk as it only took about 30 mins and it would have taken 16 to walk to the bus stop.

As I walked past the entrance to a park I spotted a fox, it stood and looked at me for a few seconds but not long enough for me to get my phone out and take a picture.

I arrived at Constitutional Hall in Dulwich and then could see how to get in, however I saw someone coming from the side of the building and bingo, I found an open door.

Not too many people there but they were quite friendly. I stayed for the beginners and improvers classes. £30 for the 2. I really enjoyed it, probably because I was complimented on my dancing, always good for the ego.

I have great dance teachers in Aussie.

I could have stayed to practice afterwards but there wasn’t much time for sleep without staying out late. TP and I had to be up early to catch a bus to Liverpool ST.

I decided to walk back.

My poor feet are not better from my foray to Oxford St or maybe because I don’t wear my thongs around the house. Either way they are sore.. not so much when I walk as I wear my runners or boots but when I sit they hurt. I know, that doesn’t make sense.

They kept me awake anyway, and I only had until 1:30am to sleep. Eventually I looked at the time and it was 1:10am so I decided to get up and organized and have a cuppa.

TP looked up the bus time and her app told her the bus wasn’t due until 2:05 whereas mine said 1:50. We went for 1:50 and the bus duly arrived.  Even though it was such an ungodly hour, there were food shops open although the streets were not very busy and the bus ride was very quick.

Checked out the next bus to Stanstead and it had been rescheduled from 2:50 to  3:00 am so we had over half an hour to kill. We spotted a café and went over for a cuppa and a sit while we waited. It was a couple of doors down from Dirty Dicks which was also still open!

We were pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of the security guard at the door and the waiter. TP keeps telling me people in London aren’t friendly but at least some are. We were very bad and had tea which was great as it was served in a Christmas pudding t pot.  So unexpected! No the tea was not bad, it was the chips and cheese that was bad, but only ½ bad as we shared.

Bus ride was uneventful except that it was really hot. The driver must have been a cold frog.



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