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There are trams, trolley buses and buses. A trolley bus is similar to a tram in that it is attached to overhead wires but it is not restricted by rails as a tram is. Today we traveled on all three.

A Tram

Our first stop today was a market which is only run on a Saturday.

It was an interesting market with many interesting stalls. We only had a short stay but it did include some sausage and cabbage from one of the stalls.

Sausage and cabbage being cooked on a stall.

We had one meal between us which comprised a pork sausage and a goat sausage, cabbage, onion marinated in something which we thought might be apple juice and a piece of dark brown bread.






We caught a bus from the market towards the ethnographic open air museum. We had to change buses. TP had looked up the route and the 12 should have arrived prior to the 1 leaving, but unfortunately, the 12 was a couple of minutes late and I asked TP the number we were catching and when she said 1, I said, well it just left.

There was a café across the road as we had about 40 mins to wait for the next bus. TP decided that we should eat because it would be some time before the next opportunity.

Potato balls, bean salad and potato salad

It was a buffet style but you were served and then the plate weighed at the end. TP queued for the food and I queued for the drinks. It took ages so by the time we sat down we had about 10 mins to eat and drink.

We managed to catch the next bus and arrived at the open-air museum. It was located out of town on a large area and the first building was relocated there in 1928 so it has survived for nearly 90 years. Buildings are transferred there from all over Latvia and the area is set up in small communities of similar age buildings. They have authentic furnishing and people demonstrating their ancient crafts.

It was interesting seeing how they built. One method was dovetail which we used to use for furniture and something like a lap joint was used in a different era.

No Nails. It looked as though the wood slats used for the roof were held on by a piece of wood where our gutter would be.

In winter, they only open a couple of the houses, one was a fisherman’s cottage. In the second we saw was a cot hanging from a prop which could be reached from the parents’ bed and rocked.

The floor of the ice house was dug down to over 2m and meat and fish was preserved in 60 cart loads of ice.

By the time we had finished exploring the site it was dark. We debated stopping at the nice warm café for a drink but decide not to. We should have checked buses because we had to wait 30 mins at the bus stop and it was COLD! We did a crossword to pass the time.

We didn’t change buses on the way back, we thought we would just get off when we got back to the old town. The old town was quite small so not easy to get lost in.


We found an interesting looking drinking place on our wanderings and I was persuaded to try a cocktail. We also had a plate of garlic bread. It was different from the one we tried on the first day but still good. They serve it with some type of cream cheese dip. TP had a hot cocktail while I had a mojito which I think would be better when it was hotter. The second one I had was a creamy one and more appropriate to the -2C temperature.


We continued on looking for somewhere to eat and finally decide we would have Indian which had been recommended. We couldn’t find a Latvian one which looked interesting


The food was very good. We had samosas and some chicken entree followed by biryani which came with a yogurt sauce. We could only eat a small amount of it. We did take a doggy bag but it didn’t get eaten.


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