The main event to day was Christmas lunch with a blind group that my cousin regularly takes on an outing.

Skipped breakfast as I thought there would be enough lunch for both breakfast and lunch.

Went with TP to the physio which is why she came up to Ricky. We were very pleased to learn that the pain she was experiencing was muscular and would probably take about 2 months to go as long as she did some stretching.

Miserable drizzly day today but I walked to the station with TP and then went into Ricky to book an optician appointment to have in growing eyelashes removed. They irritate my eye. The optician wasn’t too keen on doing it because she had been “bitten” in the past for doing someone a favour.

They had subsequently had eye trouble and blamed the optician although all she had done was something like remove nuisance lashes. It’s sad when you can’t help someone out without feeling that you have to get them to sign a disclaimer.

Hurried back to S’s to get changed for lunch. I went with S to “chaperone” the blind and nearly blind ladies.

We picked 2 ladies up, Ann and Beryl. Another lady, Dot came with another helper. We took them to The Oaks.  Unfortunately the group is dwindling and there were as many helpers as ladies.

Ann and Beryl waiting for lunch

Ann had traveled to Australia but not to Brisbane. She was most upset that the pub didn’t have Campari. She had planned her drinks, Campari before lunch and a dry white with lunch.

We had to ask the staff to turn on the heating as it was pretty chilly. They had an open fire but it was a bit pathetic even though they put a couple of firelighters in and some more wood. They did manage to get the radiators going eventually.

We got a complimentary bottle of Prosecco but it’s sparkling so I had a red. Ann had a glass though as they didn’t have her preferred drink. I had a half glass later but there was still ½ bottle left. The two drivers just had ½ a glass each. No one else wanted it so Ann took it home. She said she wouldn’t get it home but I stuck a napkin in the top and put it in her bag together with cheese left by Beryl and 3 of the complimentary mince pies that no one could eat.

We all had a roast, I think that’s all that was on the menu actually and they were all very nice. Can’t say the same for the desserts though. I had chocolate torte with raspberries and pouring cream. There were 3 raspberries and about a teaspoon of cream! The cake was a bit dry too. I tried Ann’s crème brûlée  and it had a very strange texture, nothing like a custard.

We left the pub around 2:30 and I told Ann not to forget to drink her prosecco that evening and she said “I’m not going  to wait until this evening!”

S dropped me off in Rickmansworth, behind the town somewhere. I had no idea where I was really. Walked the wrong way to begin with but soon found it. Checked out the shops looking for Christmas presents and found a few which I wrapped up in the evening while S and J went to play Bridge.

I decline the offer of a wine when they came home. I thought I had consumed enough the previous evening.


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