Back to Camberwell today and another Tango lesson this evening.

TP messaged that she wasn’t well first thing this morning and she said she was staying home from work. She must have been unwell not to go to work!

I was going back to Camberwell today anyway but I went earlier than I had planned to makes cups of tea for my girl. S was busy at golf anyway so my leaving early didn’t change any other plans.

I texted TP to see if she was OK as I thought I would get the veg for FP’s birthday dinner the next day. She said she thought she would live so I went home via Brixton so that I could go to the Brixton Markets.

I bought Savoy cabbage as they are my daughters favourite but somehow I managed to get 2. I couldn’t find a cauliflower though.

When I got home I asked TP if she thought FP would get a cauli on his way home and he said that was OK. I had a message on my phone later that evening from TP saying that I should see what FP had bought. She wouldn’t tell me what it was but when I got home later there was yet ANOTHER Savoy Cabbage sitting on the bench.  But no cauliflower sadly.

I didn’t bother cooking tea as TP not hungry and FP didn’t want dinner. He wasn’t home by the time I left for Tango but TP said she would be fine.

I walked to Tango and had a good time again. One couple was really friendly and I had a laugh with them. Charles blames me when he mucks up, he says I make him nervous. Not true of course! There weren’t enough men so Kim, his partner, and I danced together. It is not easy trying to learn and trying to dance as the leader, but we had a good laugh.

Walked back and got home around 10:35pm. I looked at phone around 10:38 and TP had sent me a message at 10:31 asking what time I expected to be home. She was in bed so I didn’t bother answer it, expecting she would have heard me arrive home.

There was, howeve, a bottle of wine and a card with my name on it. It was a thankyou from Janine, the lady next door who I had rescued from the doorstep when she locked her keys in. We must have chatted about my wine preferences because it was red and Australian.

I made myself a cuppa and headed off to bed. At around 1am TP came into my room, worried that I wasn’t home. How the tables turn!


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