Home day today but we got up early to make sure we made the most of our last day. We caught the bus to the Motor Museum.  Most of the buses have 2 screens adjacent to each other. One usually shows a cartoon and the other the current stop and 2 or 3 stops either side. dsc02371This bus didn’t though, it had cartoons on both screens. The cartoons were quite amusing too. No map meant we had to look at the actual bus stop signs to see where we were and but managed to get off at the correct stop.

We were very surprised at how good the museum was. The most interesting exhibit was Stalin’s armoured car. Apparently quite a number were built but they were destroyed when he died. The one still in existence was being tested for bullet proof tyres and was hidden when his death was announced. dsc02507 dsc02508The windows must have been 2 inches thick. The car consumed 1 litre per 2.5 km!

There was a place in the museum which said stand on this spot and salute. So I did it and my picture was superimposed onto a movie on the opposite wall and it looked as though I was saluting to the crowd from an open top car. 2016-12-11-10-48-27_screen-copyThe option to email yourself a copy of the picture was available so of course I did that.

We had checked the bus time table and only had to wait a few minutes for the bus after we left the museum. We went back into town where we had to eat! Very important part of life. Went to the Lido again but in the old town. It was much smaller than the previous one we had tried and the selection was more limited. dsc02513






Buildings had been destroyed in Riga but they have been reconstructed as replicas.  Blackheads house was one of these which was destroyed in 1941. . The Riga Town Hall was another.

According to guide books, the Christmas Tree originated in Riga. A group of rowdy single merchants erected a tree in 1510 and the tradition persisted and extended around the world.

We visited Metzendorff house, the house of a glass merchant. It was three stories high and also had a cellar. Although the merchant was quite wealthy the house did not have much furniture.

Final stop was the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia which was supposed to be adjacent to our Airbnb but in fact that was where the NEW museum was to be. The current and was a bit of a walk but we still had plenty of time. One fact I found astounding was that less than 50 % of Riga’s population is Latvian. dsc02524

Time to head home so we went and picked up our bags and waited for the bus to take us to the airport. We were a bit miffed when we saw what people were allowed to take on board. We had ensured that we didn’t have too much luggage and had paid for luggage to be stowed because of the small bag allowance but people were getting on with 2 and 3 bags. This was with WIZZ airlines which TP hadn’t flown with before. It also said on the boarding pass that gates closed an hr before so we headed straight there but they didn’t close!

Flight was fine though and we arrived at Gatwick safely. TP bought train tickets on the mainline train only to find that there were no trains. Gatwick and Loughborough Junction are on the same line so it should have been really easy to get home but it wasn’t to be.

Home via St Pancras and we missed a train by “that” much. Fortunately trains are frequent when they are running and we didn’t have to wait long. We got a bus from St Pancras to home where we of course had to have a cuppa.

My computer wouldn’t connect when I got back to TP’s so I decided to try and fix it myself, with the help of google of course. After trying a number of solutions suggested by people on Google, one finally worked. Oh joy! I really didn’t know what I would affect but I figured I couldn’t make it worse.


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