Cooking today, I seem to do a lot of that! Spaghetti Bolognaise and pastries.

Went back to bed after seeing TP off to work. I told her not to go as she was still unwell but she insisted. When I woke there was a text saying she had been sent home! She should listen to her mother. She brought her laptop home though and still worked. I did manage to get her to stop for a while but not long.

I looked at the washing basket and decided I had better do some domestic duties as it was once again overflowing. I also made a constant stream of tea for TP which she half drank. I made her a silver tips cup which was tea leaves and therefor infused. With this one I was just asked to top it up every now and again with hot water.

My knee has been playing up a bit. First it just “Clicked” when I started to walk. It didn’t really hurt and after 5 mins or so it stopped. Then it started to give way on me and hurt. It hasn’t done that for months so I decided it must be that I hadn’t been going to the gym and keeping the muscles around it strong. Solution? Get FP’s weights and do some weights exercise. He has a couple of 6kg weights and a bar of 15kg. I don’t usually use that type of weight but I improvised.

After I made TP lunch I went to the shops, which I seem to do on a daily basis! I had the ingredients for the pastries but not for the spaghetti or salad which I like with my spag bol.

Came back laden. Did more domestic stuff and put the spaghetti bolognaise  on to simmer. dsc02542 I received this recipe from an Italian friend in exchange for doing some wallpapering if I remember correctly. When I was in  my early 20’s. Needless to say I don’t need a recipe now!

I do much more “at home” stuff when I’m at my daughters than I do in a week at home! I guess that is what mum’s are for.

I made a batch of my mums sweet pastry and a batch from a recipe I got from Dawn when I worked at the post office. After I had put the Dawn one in the fridge I realised I had moistened it with water and it was supposed to have 2 eggs in it! There was much more of Dawns’ too. Never mind, I rolled out a bit and tried it but it was fine. Crisper than normal but quite edible. We got 5 dz pastries in all. Rather an overkill but TP said she would take some to work. dsc02636They were actually for Christmas dinner on Tuesday night. TP has invited 4 friends over to join us and we are having mince pies and Bakewell tarts for dessert.

TP preferred mums pastry so friends and colleagues will get the others.

FP texted to say he had a bad day at work and he wouldn’t be home for a while and I needed more butter which we asked him to get. We did wonder what would come home though as I asked him to take lamb out of the fridge and he took ham out, I asked him to buy cauliflower and he bought cabbage but this time it was butter. He did well.

He arrived home only to leave again to go swimming. Exercise is always good stress relief. When he came home he realised he had left his glasses at work and without them he wouldn’t be able to see the football match we were going to the next day.

He said he would have to meet us later in the day as the train we had booked left at 8:30



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