Just did my washing today  and went to my cousins in Rickmansworth via Wembley DFO.

I had enough washing for a whole load and I was going  to put it to dry in my room but TP said not to because it would make the room too damp. As soon as it had finished and I had hung it in the living room I headed off to Wembley DFO or “designer outlet” as they call it.

It does have shops other than fashion. I bought a very light suitcase. 1.8 kg with a 10 year warranty, which is supposed to hold 20kg. Its list price was £100 and I bought it for £27.

Managed to get one Christmas present but could find nothing that took my fancy in the clothing line.

Had a coffee and bought a couple of small glass oven proof dishes for TP as I have 2 Christmas dinners to do and no small dishes. They were £2.50 each so they didn’t break the bank.

Continued to S’s at Rickmansworth and once again she cooked me Spalding sausages, mash and gravy.  TP arrived about 9pm after having played netball and ate the dinner we had saved for her. She is also a big fan of Spalding sausage.


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