FP’s birthday dinner today so more domestic work!

As we now had 3 savoy cabbages TP decided that one should be wrapped in Christmas paper and added to her Secret Santa present. I wrapped it and her little musical instrument she had brought from the market in Riga while she got ready for work. She still wasn’t well but didn’t want to miss out on the Christmas lunch and Secret Santa at work.

Apparently, the cabbage went down well and was only swapped once before it found a good home. The cute musical instrument found a loving home after the second change. TP calls it Evil Secret Santa. All names are put in a hat. The first name drawn picks a present. Then the second. If the second person likes the first persons present better than their pick, then they can change it. This happen through all the people involved in the Secret Santa. The last person drawn therefore has the pick of all presents.

I sorted out my Priority Pass and now have a digital current version for my journey home. I could have fixed it at Bangkok Airport if I had entered the correct search! Anyway, I have it for my return trip or trip to USA should I have a long stop over.

Prepared the veg for FP’s birthday dinner. He is a fan of roast dinner, without the roast!

Still no cauliflower though so I thought I would walk to Elephant as there was a Sports Direct there. I wanted to see if they would change my swimsuit without a receipt which FP had inadvertently disposed of.

I wore my black coat as it wasn’t too cold but as I was walking along I realised it was open and it was a bit chilly with it open. Mmm  why is the zipper half way up the front? Answer, because the zip had broken! I couldn’t be bothered to go back and change it so I just walked faster to keep warm.

Success, the shop changed my swimsuit. I hadn’t checked the size when I bought it, just trusted the hanger. I wondered why it was so tight when I tried it on as I thought I had bought a 16 which should have been OK even with English sizing. I thought to myself that it was going to be hellish hard to get off when it was wet.

When I finally managed to extract myself I looked at the size. No wonder it was so tight, it was a 10!

Both TP and FP like cauliflower cheese but there seemed to be a scarcity even at the East Street markets. I finally found one on the last stall. By this time my bag was full, as per usual when I shop even though I just try and shop for the current day!


I decided that my feet needed a break and my bag was pretty heavy so I caught a bus back to  Camberwell and finished preparing for the birthday dinner. Dessert was Rum Bread and Butter pudding. dsc02634I forgot to halve the quantity though and it was rather a lot for 3. It is a very yummy recipe where you soak the fruit and sugar in rum.  Appropriate for the festive season I think.

Dinner was at around 8:30 as FP had an appointment in the City which he had to attend. While we were waiting, I decide to try the wine which I had been given. It was most enjoyable. I didn’t have to share as TP was still feeling unwell and didn’t feel like consuming alcohol.

There was a bit of dessert left and a small portion of cabbage and carrot but most of the food was devoured with relish. TP wasn’t feeling much like eating but she managed to eat a fair amount. Hopefully it replenished her energy stocks.


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