Very enjoyable day today. Out for breakfast, Black Country Living Museum and then the Christmas Markets before heading home at 7:30pm. TP and I did have to have a wine before getting on the train though.

I awoke to the kids talking about what we were doing. The plan was breakfast of Eggs Benedict because that is what I fancied and TP also likes it so we headed off towards the station. Found a place called Yorky which seemed to have a nice atmosphere. FP ordered two toast and porridge, The porridge was supposed to have raspberry compote with it.. which it didn’t. TP was all for sending it back but FP said it was fine.  I agreed with TP that they should serve what they advertise on their menu or tell you that it is not available.

My muscles told me today that I had done weights a couple of days ago but I haven’t noticed that my knee is giving way. Maybe the bit of weights I did reminded it not to complain! Must remember to do more.

TP and I shared the eggs benedict. It was OK but not amasing. The hollandaise sauce was lacking in flavour and there was very little of it. The tea wasn’t crash hot either, it was bitter but TP thought her coffee was very smooth and enjoyable.

Trains went hourly to Tipton where we had to Alight to go to the museum so we went for the 11:08. Arrived 15 mins later and then a 20 min walk. It was well worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed the place.

The Black Country Living Museum shows how people used to lived. First stop was the mine where we had a tour. It was a very well contructed tour which made you understand what it was like being underground. We had very dim lamps which were supposed to depict the amount of light candles gave off and from time to time all light was extinguished to show what it was like in the total dark. In the depiction, a 12 year old boy sat at the doors through which the pit ponies dragged the coal. He was in darkness for  12 hrs a day and had to remain awake so he heard when he needed to open the doors.

Specifies Australian Dried Fruit!

The whole place was set up like a village with different shops, a pub, a fish and chip shop, bakery, foundry etc. They had a cigarette shop with the cigarettes from years ago. The only ones I recognised were Senior Service and Craven A. There was a tailor, hardware, pharmacy and lots of different houses. In most places there were people dressed in period costume who would chat to you and tell you about the place they were in.

I had fish and chips for lunch, with scraps..  They are the bits of batter that drop off when the fish is cooked. TP had some chips and FP went to the Workers Institute café for a baked potato.  I took him some chips too but he was worried they were cooked in beef fat so refused them.

It was really interesting and well worth the visit. We left at 4 (after a quick cuppa in the café) and got the 4:30 back to Birmingham.

It was decided FP would go and fetch the bags left at the hotel and we would meet him at the station as he didn’t want to go to the Christmas market. Just as well I told him my back pack was red as they tried to give him a black one! He then had a really bad experience (for him). He ordered an haloumi burger and bit into and it was chicken! He said it tasted amasing but he spat it out anyway.  We don’t seem to be doing too well getting what we order.


Christmas markets were fun. Not as crowded as Saturday night when we had to negotiated them to get to the station for the football match but plenty of people to make it “buzz”. We walked through the main one and then on to the so called craft one. Didn’t seem to be too much original craft work but there was plenty of food and drink.  We stopped for a mulled wine and a hot chocolate with a shot of Bailey’s (for me). It was enjoyable sitting watching the people and the Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel had lights which kept changing colour and pattern. We decided it might be fun going on it but when we got there the queue was huge.

TP likes sausage but the foot long sausage in a 9 inch baguette seemed a bit much so we managed to find her a frankfurter which was a more acceptable size. Lots of German food and drink as the market was in conjunction with German food and beer. People were walking around with steins of beer, a litre!

When my feet started to complain we headed for the station. We were due to meet FP at 7:10 at Pret but TP thought we should have a wine. After looking for FP at Pret and not finding him we headed upstairs and found a bar where we purchased a 500ml carafe of Italian red win.

No Australian available but the Italian was very palatable. TP found FP who came to join us and said we needed to go. TP is very much a JIT person but I agreed we should head off. 10 mins to find the platform and the correct carriage, which was B and therefore at the front of the train, was not long.

Fortunately I still had the water FP had bought me at the football match so we drank that and put the rest of the wine in the water bottle which we proceeded to drink on the train. Out of the bottle. Talk about alco’s!dsc02630

I had bought some doughnuts at the market as I knew FP loved them but he really didn’t want to eat his. He did eat it eventually. TP and I ate ours and they were very fresh. We had 1 ½ each as we got a 4th for 50p.  Then we drank our wine from the water bottle.

Arrived home about 10 after a very enjoyable weekend.


On the train.




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