Went and volunteered at a BHF shop in Clapham today followed by a movie at Streatham with FP and the 2 guys who came to Christmas dinner. We went to see Star Wars and I stayed awake so it must have been entertaining,

Can you believe I’m ironing!

TP and I did volunteering at a charity shop and it was a very busy day. I have learnt a couple of new skills, I can now use a steamer to get creases out of clothes and I can use a label inserter. I have no idea what its name is but it puts price tags on with plastic bits. They call the plastic bits “feathers” before they are inserted into the machine.

Ricki said they were £70 short of target but by the time the day was finished they were £3 off target. I sold about £12 dollars’ worth so TP sold around £50 worth, She had no trouble selling them as she is passionate about the work the BHF does.Inserting Price Labels

Ricki was great fun. His shop had top sales for the year and he was proud of that. He was also proud of the fact that he was the only Asian male manager, BHF has 150 shops across UK. He came from Hong Kong when he was 16 and couldn’t speak a word of English according to him.

He suggested a hamburger joint for lunch and it was very palatable. We had a beef one this time with and onion ring and jalapeno chilli with some chips. Shared of course.

About 5 other volunteers were there, 3 just came for a few hours but two were there all day. Not too long ago one of Ricki’s book volunteers thought that a book may be of some value. They asked their friendly auctioneer what he thought and he said it would fetch about £5000. It actually went for £22000 on the day. A good spot!

While I was selling raffle tickets downstairs I asked a gentleman if he had found any records he liked, he said no bit I found this. Many years previously he had designed the cover of the  LP he was holding in his hand. He said he had been in advertising but he had been given the opportunity to design the cover for this particular LP.

Ricki asked me to fold the raffle tickets which took a good hour. We then went down stairs and got a customer to draw the winning ticket. img_20161221_161949910

Both TP and I found something we liked. TP a coat, dress, and some new socks for FP. I found a coat. Ricki gave us both staff discount and we were more than happy with our purchases. We left at 6 so we did a good days work and it was fun except for my ticket selling stint.

Went by train the Streatham where we were meeting the same people we had dinner with the night before except for the lady who wasn’t well. We were meeting at Pizza Express so pizza AGAIN. I just had a garlic bread starter and a glass of wine. The guys and I left before the other two as we had about a 10 min walk to the cinema where we were going to watch Star Wars.

It was pretty good. FP gave it an 8 out of 10. When they were talking about it they said no film could get a 10 so 8 was an excellent score.

FP, their friend and I caught  a bus back to Brixton and the walked to Camberwell and their other friend went home in the opposite direction.


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