Christmas dinner for the kids and their friends today.

Did blogs until 1pm then thought I’d better get on with getting the Christmas dinner ready. I had done a lot of preparation but the table needed setting and seats found.

I was waiting for a parcel to arrive so when I realised I didn’t have anything for FP, I had to send him a message to bring something for himself. Later I realised that one of their friends was a vegetarian as well so he had to get stuff for her too.  I did remember to save some gravy without meat juice though.

Had everything organised by the time everyone arrived around 7pm. There were just two other couples so 7 in total.

Lots of Christmas decs.
Lots of Christmas decorations

TP had asked everyone to bring an Evil Secret Santa present. There were 2 games, a star wars cup, a hat that people could practice throwing balls into, a chocolate Santa and a Christmas decoration containing a marshmallow.

FP ended up with the Star Wars mug, he is a big fan of Star Wars. I had last pick and got a game.

I think dinner went down well. Chicken, chipolatas, bacon, lamb, baked brussels, potato, onion and parsnips, carrots, savoy cabbage and onion gravy followed by homemade mince pies with brandy butter and cream.

Chrismas Dinner with Friends
Chrismas Dinner with Friends

One couple was going to stay the night but the lady was pretty crook and she could hardly speak so they all went home.



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