Domestic stuff AGAIN today.  Washing, cooking, grocery shopping.

Started preparing dinner for tomorrow and for tonight. TP and I were going to Oxford Street to see the lights but she wasn’t feeling too well. She and FP had to tidy the flat anyway as it was Christmas Dinner with friends the next night. Useless me putting things away as they would never find them again!

The shower hose started leaking so TP asked me to get a new one. I managed to get the old one off and took it with me to ensure I got the correct length and size. I am quite familiar with the local hardware store. It’s just a small shop in Camberwell but it’s always had what I have needed.

I must say that this web site featuring Camberwell does not marry too well with the vibe I get from walking around here.  Certainly makes it sound good.

I was going to go for a walk or do some strength exercise but I didn’t quite get around to it.

I can now sort of work the TV system and I found a film which I watched while preparing veg.  I have the veg stored outside. TP has a small fridge, as do most people here, so not enough room in there for them. It’s plenty cold enough outside though, we even put the champers out there to chill.

I did walk to the shops of course but that’s on a 10-15 min walk.  I now have my replacement Fitbit so my steps are being recorded again. 7000 steps today in total.

TP called me but I still had the volume off on my phone so I didn’t hear it.

I rang back when I did see it but it wasn’t anything important, she just wanted to see if I was home because she was hungry and wanted to know if we could have dinner soon after she got home. I was wrapping Christmas gifts but I had the rissoles and potato bake ready so it wasn’t a problem.

We decided to have a wine when she got home so she managed to wait another 30 mins for dinner while we drank it.

TP got a headache again, she had one on Sat night too. Not good. Fortunately, she had done most of what she needed to do ready for her friends so she had a cuppa and under duress drank a glass of water that FP gave her. She had bought “Love Actually” so she curled up on the sofa and watched that. We both know the story very well but still enjoy watching it at Christmas.



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