Busy day today, fixed leaking shower, Brixton for Christmas fruit, Camden Town Markets, Oxford Street Lights and dinner in Camberwell.


Had a chat to our visitor before he left and then went off to get the washers. They handed them over with no discussion. I expect they were only worth a 5p. Also purchased some tea bags for my girl. Would be an absolute disaster if there were no tea.

Washers solved the leaking problem surprisingly!

Went for another walk then up to Brixton Markets to get some stone fruit for Xmas. Most of the groceries and wine was purchased on line and was being delivered to S before they set of for Wells by the Sea in Norfolk.  That’s where we are spending Christmas.

Not much choice. Maybe Caribbeans don’t eat stone fruit for xmas. I even walked a bit further to the big Tesco but not much luck there either so I walked BACK to the markets and got what I could. The cherries were really sweet but the rest of the stuff, plums apricots, peaches and nectarines left a bit to be desired.  South African produce.

I was going to bus it back but ended up walking. Washed it all ready to take and had a cuppa while I put proper labels on the Christmas presents. Somebody or some people are doing ok as I had 18 labels which all got used and I’m only buying for 3 people!

I was meeting TP to go and see the Christmas lights in Oxford street so headed out again. This time I caught the bus to Brixton. I thought we’d be doing enough walking.  I decide to go to Camden Town Markets for the hour or so before I met TP at Mornington Crescent.

Walked back along Camden High Street and went into Costa for a cuppa and sandwich as I had only eaten sweets all day.. The Quality Street which were given to us by Ricki. We did give the bulk of them to TP’s workmates because otherwise I would have eaten the lot..  I am very partial to Quality Street.  They have changed my second favourite for something else though so “not happy Jan”.

We were going to walk to Oxford Street but TP was in a bit of pain so we caught a bus for some of the way.   Decorations were pretty, especially the Regent Street ones.

Regent Street Lights
Regent Street Lights

Very refined though. We were going to have a pub dinner but all the pubs we passed were overflowing with after work drinks so we decided to go back to Camberwell and go to a pub there.

Selfridges Window
Selfridges Window
Selfridges Window
Selfridges Window


Selfidges always do Christmas windows. This year they featured a Santa in each window and each window showcased a brand or a department. There are about 15 windows in all but that is just a guess.



Oxford Street Traffic
Oxford Street Traffic outside Selfridges

Then TP remembered she had to pick some stuff up from M&S at Kings Cross so we headed there to pick that up so we didn’t forget. That meant we could use the National Rail instead of underground which gets us closer to home. BUT…..  a train had broken down so all on the line were delayed and they didn’t know how long for.

We decided to head back to the Victoria line and go by tube.  I should have checked the steps but I do know it’s a long walk in the tunnels!

We got off at Stockwell or “stockers” as it’s known and caught 345. We were going to The Sun but as we neared it TP said “lets go there” and we hurriedly got of the bus and went to a place called The Junction. Trendy sort of place but had a great atmosphere. The tables and chairs didn’t all match and the half plastered walls were just coated to hold on what was left. They had a band playing a few Christmas tunes and some Jazz. Not too loud.

We had tapas.

Tapas at The Junction
Tapas at The Junction

Spicy chicken and jalapeno, Spanish omelet and fried aubergine and added a serve oc chips. The three tapas were £10 which we thought was ok and they were very tsty. We had another Chilean wine which was very acceptable. A Merlot.

We got home and FP was already in bed but we needed to check our Christmas Tesco order as TP had looked at it whilst in the pub and it wasn’t correct.

After a few tries we lost the lot and had to put it all in again, twice! It did respond correctly the final time.

That was enough for TP, she went to bed but it was around 11 by then.

Walked 25000 steps today, just beat my 10000 step daily goal!


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