More food, pub lunch, games and drive back to London.

I packed up my stuff and took some to the car which I had left outside as I couldn’t be bothered opening the gate when I got home. Annette, the owner of the B & B, came running out after me. I don’t know whether she thought I was trying to leave without paying the balance. I told her I still had another bag to get and she went back into the warm.

I could hardly speak to her, I felt fine but my voice was very husky. It gradually improved as the day went on though.

I received a text asking me to bring some loo paper and I also bought fresh bread. I did a disgusting job of  parking. I cannot see the front of the car and of course I don’t want to hit the other car. Mounted the pavement and after a few wiggles managed to park reasonably straight and close to the kerb.

Usually yummy breakfast. We eat so much as does everyone else I expect. FP started the “I’m going to be good” today but I didn’t!

S rang a couple of pubs as the plan was to have lunch out but both were fully booked. Looked like it was fish and chips but there was still hope at another pub which S couldn’t contact by phone. I was really surprised to learn that there are lots of spots in the UK where the phone connections are really bad. I had no internet and no signal while in places in Norfolk.

TP has to go to her front window if she wants to make a phone call and S was having to stand near the balcony window in order to make contact with the pubs.  Apparently, there are not enough relay towers around. TP lives in Zone 2 in London. Central London is Zone 1 and then the next ring is zone 2 out to 8 I think so she is very close to Central London but still bad reception.   It was probably better when landlines were the norm.

Another walk was in order so we took both cars and left one where we intended to end our walk in a National Trust area by the sea. Blakeney Harbour or Morston Quay.

So flat.

We took the other back to The Red Lion at Stiffkey.

Sue went in and asked if we could book for lunch and they said we could at 2pm which suited us as we were walking first. We left the other car there and headed off for our walk. We were about 1/2mile from the sea and once reached we walked along the coastline back to the other car.

Dr Who’s Companion?
Typical Building Style – Norfolk

The path was muddy in places but we had on the right walking boots so we were ok. Lots of Gorse gorse bushes along the way.

The weather was amazing, calm with blue skies. We had to undo our coats it was so warm but S did know which direction to walk. The wind was behind us pushing us along and although it was only a slight breeze, if you turned and faced it, it was very cool.

The tide was out so only narrow channels of water but very picturesque. We met lots of other people and their dogs enjoying the beautiful weather. It was a 2 ¾ mile walk so it didn’t takes us too long.

We had a look around the harbor when we got there and met a couple of guys who were taking a paper character with them everywhere on their travels and writing it up for one of their nieces in USA. It was a school project, I assume, so they learn about different places. The two guys seemed to be enjoying taking their character, Flat Stanley, with them and placing him in different positions.

He had apparently been to Christmas dinner and climbed the Christmas tree. They told us about it as they were placing him above a sign and taking photos and they thought we might wonder what on earth they were doing.

Time to drive back to the pub for lunch then.

Pub Decorations

The pub was pretty old and had a great character. I bought the first round and asked for some tap water. The barman gave me a bottle saying it was a bottle of gin on the house.

The sun was shining straight into my eyes and I couldn’t see anyone and it was uncomfortable. I said it was ok twice but in the end FP just got a stool and said come and sit here. He was right as it was very uncomfortable, I should have taken the first suggestion and it would have been a lot more pleasant.

TP and I shared a very juicy steak, S & J both had scampi  and FP had sandwiches. All very palatable although my position wasn’t.

We all felt a bit drowsy after being out in the fresh air and then going into a nice warm pub and eating.

FP suddenly got a head ache but fortunately I had some headache pills in the car and we had finished our lunch so we headed off soon after.

Drove back to the flat and TP and I collected all our bits and pieces as we had decided to leave around 5pm and it was 3:30pm already. FP went and had a sleep so once we were packed we had a couple more games of Monopoly and cups of tea before actually packing and leaving around 5pm.

I couldn’t understand why the boot was still full when we had used food and removed all packing from presents but then I remembered that S & J had brought my 2 cases with them so I had those in addition to everything else. One had the presents in it but the other had the decanters and other antiques in it I had bought over from Aussie for TP.

FP was a bit better but he didn’t want music on and he didn’t want to stop and have dinner at a pub which TP and I had decided we would do.

We headed off and set the maps to TP’s home. I missed one turn but after that no more directional errors.  TP asked when I wanted to eat  after about an hour and I said in about 30 mins. Why she asked was because we were about to hit the M11 and there was a traffic jam due to an accident. By this time we were just about on it so we continued. It wasn’t too bad. I think it must have been just about cleared because the traffic was still moving.

After 14 miles there was a service center so we pulled off there. There was plenty of choice of food. FP was now hungry so he bought a salad and a drink while TP and I had a plate of chips and a foot long together with tea. All of which was very tasty. FP helped with the chips.

Took about 20 mins and then off we went again. Jam totally cleared by then and we had a clear run home except for usual evening traffic.

London Bridge by Night
London Bridge by Night







It was a public holiday so not bad. We went straight through London. Past The Tower and over Tower Bridge.

London Bridge by Night
London Bridge by Night

I don’t think I’ve driven over Tower Bridge before. The Shard was flashing at the top. Christmas lighting, and the Bridge was all lit up. Went through Elephant and Castle too. Again I don’t recall having driven through although I have walked and trained it through many times.

Home safely and unpacked the car. I unpacked my stuff as it had to be washed the next day ready for going to Vegas the following morning. Also needed my cases so that I could pack.

Had a cuppa and caught up with some Words with Friends games and some diary before heading off to bed. The car temperature said it was 4 degrees outside but I think the authorities think it is going to freeze as we passed a couple of trucks spreading salt. One threw salt all over our car.

It was pretty cold in my room too!


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