Eat, walk, play Monopoly and eat and drink some more.

We went through  200 tea bags between us in the 4 days!

Got to the gangs around 9, had a cuppa and the normal Christmas breakfast of ham, haslet and pork pie. We packed the kites into the car and drove down to the beach to fly them S&J broke a piece of theirs   as   the wind was so strong it caught the kite before it was put together. FP got a small one for Christmas and that was OK but it had a mind of its own.  Went round in circles and twisted the chords consistently but was a bit of fun.

The wind was really strong and sand was being blown everywhere. Gave up with the kite after a while and walked along the beach a bit further.

Interesting Sand Formation
Interesting Sand Formation

There were heaps of people on the beach, mostly with dogs. I think they must have been walking Christmas dinner off.

Sand blown across the beach.
Sand blown across the beach.






Someone was

Beach Hut
Beach Hut

having a party in and around their beach hut. They had a wind break and they would certainly have needed it!

We had my car as S & J’s still had some of our stuff in it. S wanted to show us the pub where Lord Nelson drank so we headed off for a bit of a drive. We found it but we couldn’t have a drink with him as it was being renovated or according to the net the landlord and lease where having a bit of a disagreement. This was at Burnham Thorpe.   TP looked for another pub and we found another called something similar close by but it was a more modern style.  It was in Burnham Market.

Had a quick drink in there and then had a walk round town. The other pub in town which had a much better atmosphere was packed but when we went back to pick up the car, so was the first one.

Headed home as TP and FP were getting a bit hungry.


Same for lunch as breakfast which was fine by me!

We all did our own thing for a while until TP decided it was game time again needed. Much much shorter than the original version.

We had a couple of drinks and prepared the veg for a feast of Spalding sausage, onion gravy and veg. Delicious. FP doesn’t eat any of the meat although he enjoys all the veg.  He usually has some sort of Quorn.

It is our family tradition to have Christmas tree presents. We buy one for each person and each person buys. With normal presents couples buy for you, but tree presents, each person buys. Should only be a small present of $5-10 and it can be silly.

So after Boxing Day dinner, it’s tree present time. FP bought everyone some chocolates which were much appreciated although I swapped mine with TP as she had caramel and I had coffee.

I bought J a boxing kangaroo pen which went down well. I did my tree shopping in a souvenir shop in Brisbane!

Not too late a night again . 1:30am the first night. We got carried away playing Monopoly. Mind you that is nothing compared to S and my parents, they would play cards until 3 and 4 in the morning. Stop for supper around 11 and then start again!


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