Breakfast followed by many presents. No quick drink at the pub because presents took too long! A wind swept walk along the coastal bank and home to prepare and eat Christmas dinner. Oh and don’t forget the Monopoly!

I awoke at around 8:30 and read a text from TP saying that she was awake if I wanted to go back to the primary residence. That was at 6:30 am!

Got myself ready and sent a text back saying put the jug on as I was on the way but I made it before TP got the message. Typical family Christmas breakfast of haslet, porkpie and ham with toast and lots of tea.

Christmas Day Breakfast
Christmas Day Breakfast Cheeses, ham,pork pie and haslet.

After breakfast was Christmas present opening. There were lots of them to open. The majority of presents were well received although I did buy something for S which my daughter told me she wouldn’t like and TP was right!


We went out for a walk after we had finished the presents.

S's hair and FP trousers give some indication of the wind!
S’s hair and FP trousers give some indication of the wind!

The wind was blowing a gale as we walked along the bank. We felt at times that we may be blown off! At other times when the wind abated for a bit I felt really wobbly as I had been leaning against it. The walk was enjoyable regardless of the wind. We walked for about an hour and half.

We saw a wind farm in the distance with heaps of

Note the Hair!
Note the Hair!

turbines. I couldn’t say how many as it was a long way away. We saw some on the way too and a couple of paddocks full of solar panels.

Wind Turbines
Wind Turbines

The Norfolk coast is very flat as you can see.

Back to the flat and we started to do the veg for dinner. All the standard Christmas fare. Turkey, chicken legs for TP, sausage wrapped in bacon, cauliflower cheese, carrots, parsnips, roast potato, onion gravy, roast onion and cabbage.

Christmas Dinner!
Christmas Dinner!

I think that’s all. S, TP and I prepared the veg and TP put the meat in. And then…  we played Monopoly. FP didn’t play at all during the holiday but the rest of us did. We played lots!

He did play a silly game I bought John. It was great fun. It was just flipping witches’ hats and trying to get them into holes in a square of about 9 inches. Can’t remember its name. 4 people had to flip at the same time so the hats crashed into each other and knocked them out of the way. We had lots of laughs playing that for about an hour.

We had dinner and crackers late afternoon. We also had another present from S. She called it a table present.

We all enjoyed dinner and a drink or 2 and then more games of Monopoly.

We had our Christmas Pudding which had traveled all the way from Aussie with me. I had also made brandy butter and we had that and brandy sauce with the pud.  We ate it much later than we had Christmas dinner!

Went home a bit earlier at around 11:30. I drove as I hadn’t had much to drink and it was raining!


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