Down to Wells-Next-The-Sea today. (There is no “to” in it) Pleasant drive down with little traffic. A walk along the beach and a pub dinner made it a very enjoyable day.

The drive to Wells-Next-The-Sea took about 3 hrs. We stopped to get a drink as I forgot my water and I kept wanting to cough. Kids decided they would have breakfast at the Little Chef where we stopped. FP said it was the best breakfast he had had for a while. 2 eggs, 2 hash browns, a pile of fried potato, beans, veggy sausage and I can’t remember what else.

When we went in to the eating area, a man was putting a notice on the door and he said to us that the food places were closed. We all believed him without thinking and turned to leave but he told us he was joking and that the Little Chef was open!

Once we set off again it took another hour and a half and we were at Wells-Next-The Sea. S had Spalding sausage rolls ready for us. Very glad I didn’t have breakfast! We also had mince pies and coconut tarts.

J went with me to book into my B&B and we walked back. Manor Farm B&B.   Took 5 mins to drive and 10 to walk. Almost a straight walk back but a very roundabout route to drive.

It was a nice room with just room for the bed and not much more. It was called “The Snug”! I only needed it to sleep so it was great for me. The only problem was the challenge with the hot water. Every place in UK seems to have a different hot water system which one has to contend with. I managed to get it to a reasonable temperature and then didn’t move the controls again. I just switched it on and off! It was warm enough but not ideal.

When we got back to S & J flat we all went for a walk along the beach. Bit breezy but very pleasant. The tide is very quick to come in and go out as the beach is so flat.

Lots of beach huts along the edge of the beach. S looked one up which was for sale and it was £60000.

Beach Huts
Beach Huts

Amazing for a small hut on the beach.

When we got back we had walked 5km. S is now having trouble with her leg as she thinks she pulled something playing golf. We 3 ladies all have something wrong which can make it difficult to walk. I’m probably the best off but I need to do something to strengthen my knee muscles since I have not been going to gym.


We had a toasted sandwich each when we got back from the walk as we were not eating until 8pm.  Ham or haslet was the order of the day.  Not FP though.  We bought some white bread but had to get it from a supermarket as we were too late for the bakery. FP bought some granola.

I should add that much tea was consumed by everyone.

TP had bought a “quick” monopoly game which we decided to try. It was great fun. FP didn’t play but the rest of us had a ball playing. TP and I decided to have a drink around 5:30 and S & J had a wine about 6… and so it continued. Product Details

The pub where we were having dinner was next door so we didn’t have far to go. The Golden Fleece.   TP wore her very high heeled red shoes. She reminded me of Sandy in Grease when Sandy decided to dress to impress John Travolta’s character. High heels, tight black jeans and tight red top.

We had a delicious dinner  at the pub and came home and played even more Monopoly.

Pork Belly
Pork Belly for Jane & TP
Falafel for FP
Falafel for FP
Burger and Chips
Burger and Chips for J


Walked back to my B&B at around 1:30 am. The streets were very quiet.. I did not see a car or a person


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