Car pick up, packing and Turkish dinner at a local restaurent.

I had to pick up the car from the other side of London today. Wood Green area. I rang them and asked if it mattered what time I got there and they said that it did so I had to hurry and get ready. The estimated public transport time to get there was 1.5 hrs. There were a number of different ways to get there and I chose a mix of mainline, underground and bus.

Loughborough Station to Farringdon. Farringdon to Kings Cross, Kings Cross to Wood Green and then a bus.  Transport for London journey planner gave me 3 options for a bus but I obviously picked the wrong one. I was following the journey on maps and I couldn’t see the streets where the bus stopped. Then I realised we were at the North Circular road so I got off at the next stop and reassessed my location.

I was picking the car up from a point on the North Circular. It is called the North Circular as it circles half of London, the South Circular circles the other half. In places, it is the boundary for the congestion charge.

From my location, it was a 28min walk or a 13 min walk to a bus stop and then catch a different bus. As they had said that I needed to be there at 11 and it was 11 by this time I decided I had better get an Uber. The app said the car would be three minutes but when I booked it, it said 8. I then had to decide whether to wait or cancel and walk to the bus. Well I waited and it didn’t move for 5 mins.

When the driver finally arrived, he said he couldn’t move because of traffic on the North Circular which wasn’t true as he was not on the North Circular (NC). I think that maybe he was getting lunch or something. Anyway, by the time I had walked a bit and then decided to call an Uber and been driven there I could have walked to the car pick up point more quickly!

I gave him only 3 stars because of that and because he decided to turn off the NC even though the address was on the NC which then took another 5 mins to drive round and get back on.

Car was a ford fiesta. Nice and white and clean when I took it out! I sat at the car yard trying to get google maps to talk to me. I couldn’t get my phone to talk to me either by itself or through Blue tooth so thought I would move out as I’d been in the yard for a while. Once I got on The North Circular it was miles before I found somewhere to stop. Fortunately I had looked and it said 13 miles on the NC and then A 13 so I knew which way to head.

Finally found somewhere to stop and cleared everything and started again. Maps then started to talk to me which helped a bit. I could at least now hear where I was suppose to go. I didn’t have a phone  holder so that I could see the map.

I missed the Rotherhithe Tunnel and had to loop around again. It is a 20 mph  tunnel and most people stick to the speed limit. They don’t have a choice if they are not the first car as it is very narrow. Built for Morris Minors I think.

Stopped for petrol. Bit different. Asked the lady on the next pump which petrol I needed so that was the first step. Then it didn’t start pumping and lights were flashing on the pump.  I then heard someone saying press the button number 4 as I was inspecting the pump. So , finally got the petrol flowing and after £25 worth my hand was hurting so I stopped pumping.

You can use your credit card to pay at the pump or pay at the kiosk which is the choice I had to make before I could get petrol. Went in to pay and the ladies were very pleasant. One even came out from behind the counter and gave me a Quality Street. My first food of the day..  how bad is that, twice in a row.

Only one more directional error before I got home which wasn’t too bad as I could only listen to directions and not actually see the map unless I looked down which is never a good plan! Finally saw Burgess Park which is near Camberwell but the map lady said keep going and fortunately I obeyed as it was the other side although it looked exactly the same as the side I knew.

Arrived home at 1:30 to find no lunch and the second load of clothes not washed. In fact, the first load wasn’t hung and it only had 5 mins to go when I left. TP wasn’t supposed to be working until 1 but of course she worked all morning. Then , as she was supposed to work from 1 to 3:30 she did that too and finally stopped around 5:15!

TP fixed up the washing while I did lunch which was really easy as we had spag bol. Just had to cook the pasta and heat up the sauce.

Packed up the car with the presents and stuff we didn’t need overnight  and the wrote my blog  but I didn’t publish it as I still had photos to sort out from a week ago.

FP had booked for us to go to a local restaurant for dinner. The FM Mangal.   We had a tasty meal.  A couple of entrées and a main between TP and I. It was more than enough, so much so that we had to leave some. We had Iskender kebab

Iskenda Kebab
Iskenda Kebab

for main which was delicious. I extracted some of the bread from mine so that I was able to eat most of the lamb.

Grilled Vegetable and Yogurt Dip
Grilled Vegetable and Yogurt Dip
Hummus with Complimentary Bread and Onion
Hummus with Complimentary Bread and Onion






As we were leaving they gave FP a bottle of wine as a Christmas present.

FP then went home while TP and I called in at The Crooked Well  for a night cap before we went home. They served food but we didn’t try any since we had just eaten.

Inside The Crooked Well
Inside The Crooked Well

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