Car back across London and packing.
Woke up unable to speak very well again. Don’t feel bad though, I just hope it doesn’t progress into a cold.
Took the car back first thing this morning. Much more organized than when I picked it up. I had a holder and the lady on maps was talking to me. There was very little traffic and I got there in less than an hour. All OK with the car. I got the bus back and the bus stop was a 2 min walk from the car rental place. If only I had picked the correct bus on the way there!
Wandered around Wood Green for a while to see what it was like. Found Primark and they were having a sale so I managed to find something to buy. The zip broke on my small jacket and they had one on sale for £10, down from £23 so I bought one.
I thought I had better head home after that because TP was working from home and she might wonder where I was. Could have contacted her of course!
I was lazy and took the bus from Brixton instead of walking and she called me while I was on the bus. Where are you! I said I was almost at Loughborough station and please put the kettle on.
I did a bit of paperwork type stuff on the computer while TP worked. We had spag again for lunch and TP did about 4 loads of washing. I put mine in for the first wash though as I needed it the next day… DRY as I was off to Las Vegas.
TP worked until 7pm.. that’s close to 12 hrs. She wouldn’t stop.
She finally did stop and she cooked dinner which was nice for a change. FP didn’t come home, he went to see Star Wars again.
After dinner we played a couple of hands of Monopoly but it is nowhere near as much fun with 2 so we reverted to Scrabble.
After TP went to bed I packed and set my alarm for 4:45am to catch a bus at 5:27. Just as well I checked which terminal I needed to go to at Heathrow because I was actually going from Gatwick! I probably wouldn’t have looked at the tickets until I got there if I hadn’t had to work out which train I needed. The train depends upon which terminal you are going to.


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