Clark Country Wetland, The Mob Museum and Fremont street on the agenda today, together with a few things that I would have rather not been!

Stirred a bit and decided to check the time, which was difficult as only one device has the correct time. Anyway, it was about 1;00 AM so I decided to stay awake for a while and do my diary and chat to kids. Also got my devices to tell me the truth about the time. Just the FitBit lying to me now.

Still feeling pretty yuk so I decided on outdoor activities to begin with.

A junction!

Finally got myself out about 10 and went to the supermarket to get some cold tablets and some fruit for lunch. I went to the Clark Country Wetlands, or at least I tried to. When I put the address into my sat nav it looked ok but it actually took me to the wrong side of a metal fence. There was supposed to be a road there according to the map but there wasn’t. I took the number off the address and it then decided to guide me to the correct place.

Had a look in the exhibition which was very interesting. They had a display of each type of vegetation with the wildlife which could be found there. Great for kids as it had the droppings of animals and you had to decide which came from which animal. Also feet and the decision was needed as to which bird thy came from.

I definitely went at the wrong time of year as it was hard to distinguish the different area as everywhere was brown!

It was a nice walk nonetheless and I needed it after flying all day on Thursday. I didn’t see much wild life either although I did see 3 rabbits but they were too quick for me to photograph.  I heard lots of birds and saw a few, the main one being coots which were on most of the water holes I passed.

I think it must have been mating season as a couple were playing “chase” as I sat and ate my apple.

I am glad I put on my walking boots as I managed to find some mud! You can stick to a paved path and then there are packed mud and gravel ones. I went on some gravel ones and one was rather full of mud. Just as well my boots are water proof as they got another wash!

My next stop was the chocolate factory, or so I thought but I ended up at the California Hotel which is in fact the location of a shop.

My fault of course, I took the wrong address. I thought I should try and find somewhere to park within easy walking distance of the hotel but when I got to where I thought was close it was still a fair way. Then I decided that I would go to the hotel and work from there. Don’t know why I bothered, it was $5 to park for 24 hrs!

I keep managing to take the wrong road as you must get into the correct lane. For instants, my helpful lady guide said keep left at one point so I made sure I was one lane to the left, as usually only one lane filters off, but this time there were two. At home I would have tried to force my way over but I am not so confident driving on the right. I have to keep reminding myself “keep right!”

Someone flashed me to let me go and I nearly forgot to “keep right”, just as well cars were facing me to remind me!

I think I’ve worked out that you can turn right on a red stop light, I will look it up now while I think about it. Yes, you can go after stopping if it’s safe. I will be confident in doing it now! Early on someone flashed me when I was sitting at lights and I didn’t know why. I do now.

Another thing I noticed was that lots of cars, including mine, don’t have front number plates.

I parked the car in the hotel car park and went in, That’s when I found out I was in the wrong place but decided to stay anyway and have a look around. Lots a couple of dollars and then went walkabout. I found that I was very close to Fremont Street


which is an area where lots of activities go on. I had a wander down there and noticed off to my right the Mob Museum

It was housed in an old building and had a court room which was used at the time of the mobsters. It had lots of static displays about the people who were involved in the mobs and the Iaw enforcement officers at the time.

It also had a lot of video footage, some original and some people describing the what went on during those times.

The actual wall where the Valentines massacres  too place has been rebuilt in the museum, very gruesome.

Back to Fremont Street for a bit more strolling and looking. Saw three stages with groups playing and a few people beginning to congregate. I think it will be packed on New Year’s Eve and there is nowhere to sit, it’s 99% standing room.

Had a look in Queens Casino but these are not the flashy ones of The Strip, they are very much like the casino in Brisbane, full of gaming and restaurants. But as I haven’t been to The Strip, I am assuming the ones there will be different.

I went back to the Californian Hotel Casino and ate there, I decided on the café as I just wanted to eat something and go home. Still not feeling the best. Salad bar was ok and the pork chops I had were well cooked and melted in your mouth. The chips however were cold and the veg were frozen ones. The wine was undrinkable though or maybe it was because my taste buds ae shot.

I thought afterward, no one has drinks with their meal because you can get drinks by playing the machines, for nothing. Silly me.

Got on the lift to pick up my car and go home. Mm don’t think that cars are parked in the hotel. Just hotel rooms on that floor 4!

Went down again and asked where the parking lift was, I hadn’t taken note of exactly which lift, I knew where in the casino. The parking lift was hidden around a corner so up I went. I had remembered the floor and where I had left my car. Got myself organized. I even went to the correct side of the car and then my GPS had no battery left, not even enough to power up.

I had noticed it only had 13% when I arrived but thought that would be enough. I don’t know why as I kept it connected and theoretically charging while I was driving.

Tried to get on to the free wi-fi provided by Las Vegas City. I had managed it earlier on but I couldn’t even see it in the car park. The trouble now was that I couldn’t remember my address and I hadn’t written it down anywhere. I am so used to just looking things up on my phone now. Lesson number 999!

I went back down into the casino and although I could now see the connection it wouldn’t connect. It just told me it was saved. There is an inbuilt sat nav in the car so I was ok if I could work out how to use it but I did need to know where to tell it to go!

Had I known that I wouldn’t have hired one of course but I just picked a car that had one. The car must be an ex Hertz as the navigation system says Hertz on it.

I eventually remember the address (which I have now written down) and plugged it into the sat nav and drove home.

Tried to organize my next day but the eyes wouldn’t stay away so I gave in and slept.

A very eventful day! Not exactly plain sailing.


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