First visit to The Strip and later back to Fremont Street as I was going to a show there.

I went down to The Strip today. Didn’t get there until around lunch time and I had decided I would park at Bellagio, so that I knew where to set the GPS. I got there OK with no directional errors but there were signs all around saying that maybe only Bellagio guest would be allowed in. They let me in so that was good but as I walked out of the casino there were more signs saying no traffic on The Strip after 5pm. I checked with a security guard and he said the street was being blocked off for NYE.

I didn’t think about that. I had decided to get tickets for Marriage Can Be Murder (MCBM) which was at The D on Freemont Street, or Downtown as it’s known. So I had to work out when I’d have to leave to get out and get parking in Downtown.

I went to buy my tickets for MCBM and all the street was barricaded but there are walk ways over The Strip all along it. Place was full of people milling around. I bought them from a discount ticket booth.

I walked along strip and saw a sign for the High Roller so I decided to do that and then head Downtime. I thought it might be busy but it was fine and I shared a bubble with only 4 other people so I was free to wander around. As you might expect, there was an extraordinary view.

While I was at The Linq I went to Classic motor display.  I thought it was free and found out later why, I had printed off a coupon for it. I hadn’t planned to go on it but as I had to reduce my time I thought as I was there I would go. It was like a car sale room but with classic car. Some prices really knocked me. SO expensive.

Was worth seeing though. I then headed back across a road bridge and back to the Bellagio. I walked through the shops, all very high end, and then the casino. It was very luxurious inside and the Christmas decorations at reception were amazing.

Bellagio Reception

I drove to Downtown, missed a turn this time but the GPS rerouted. I thinks she’s getting used to rerouting now, she’s very quick.

I parked where I parked yesterday but this time it was $20 as it was NYE prices. Still cheap compared to Brisbane.

Walked through and down to Fremont Street to locate The D where MCBM was showing. There was a charge of $US40 to get onto Fremont Street for NYE so I got there before they had the entries blocked.

Played a couple of pokies and lost my money. Then decided I really needed a cup of tea but the only café in there was McDonalds so I went there . Tea was awful and when I felt the water I knew why. It was hardly warm. Back I went to get hot water and then it wasn’t too bad.

Time now to get my voucher changed for tickets and I was told to queue for seats around 5:30 for the show. It was already that and the actual show didn’t start until 6:30. I didn’t think I needed to queue all that time as I wasn’t worried where I set, so wasted a bit more money before standing in line.

Food orders and photos were taken while in line and I had a chat to some Canadians who told me the show was amazing. They had been before about 12 months prior.

A guy came and stood behind me but was soon whisked away as he was a double VIP. I had bought VIP tickets as they were only $US 9 extra.  It didn’t actually make much different to seating as the show was on stage and all around the audience.  I was seated next to the guy who had been whisked away. The hostess said he could be my date! I’m glad I took the VIP because I got a drink included and the only drink I bought was $US13.

He was theoretically Jo who was a web designer and had come to check out the show before he brought his mother. He did have much conversation with me and I found out why after the show. He was the murderer and probably didn’t know too much about web design. I had told him my profession so he was probably avoiding any questions which may have blown his cover. Once the show started there wasn’t much chat anyway. That’s just my theory anyway as he chatted to other people.

The hostess, Burnie, picked on all sorts of people for various jobs. Was all great fun. I happened to hold the drink of a guy who was murdered (there were 3) so I was interrogated by the policeman wearing VERY short shorts.

The Policeman with SHORT shorts!

Bernie decided I was a Cougar as I was there alone and that was played on for the rest of the evening. Another girl had been dating a guy for 5 years so comments were thrown in about the length of time and still no ring.

It is a bit hard to explain but it was great fun and the murderer was sitting next to me and I didn’t know!

Finished around 8pm so I had 4 hours to kill before midnight. I thought , I hope my luck changes or my quote of dollars for losing on the pokies will be gone before the times up.

I played an entertaining machine which did all sorts of different interactive choices. It gave me them often as well. I played it for 2 hours but it didn’t seem like that. It was gradually beating me but it was OK as the money was lasting well. One of the challenges was to defeat 3 “monsters” along a trail and I did that.. or at least the machine allowed me to, and then it gives a Jackpot spin.

It seemed to be stopping at 500 (1 cents so $5), then 1000, then 10000 and it kept going through the higher prizes until it stopped on jackpot. A few people around were watching and encouraging it to keep going and a big cheer went up when it stopped on Jackpot. About $US 550 so I didn’t have to worry about running out of money.

After that my luck held and most machines I went on paid me instead of me paying them. I went out into Freemont Street and listened to music and when I got fed up with standing I went back into a casino. There was a great vibe and everyone was happy and enjoying themselves. There was nowhere to sit out there but it was worth being out there. There were 3 stands where different groups played so if you didn’t like one band you could fight your way to a different band.

As the new year came in glasses of champagne were distributed and hats. I got a dance and peck on the cheek from a pretty drunk guy using a walking stick. Everyone was in good humour though. I actually got another peck later while sitting at a machine.

I eventually went home when the street had cleared a bit to avoid crowded roads.


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