Went out for breakfast today and then later I went to The Strip to have a look at some of the casinos and to see Cirque du Soleil, The Beatles.


Tried to go to a restaurant for breakfast recommended on trip advisor. I got there and it was closed for the holiday.  Fortunately I remembered the name of another one AND the GPS found it so I headed over there and bingo it was open and very busy. Would have been a wait but she offered me outside and it is a beautiful day today so I said yes. Was a bit lonely to start with, just one other couple but it soon filled up.

The Egg and I. Well what a huge plate of food but delicious. Really needed TP but even sharing we may not have got through it. It was $US12 and well worth it. Also managed to get a reasonable tea but still not great. The water was really hot so it brewed at least a bit. So much so I had another pot. It has to be to do with water being poured onto the tea bags as opposed to putting the tea bag in water.

Went to the Chocolate Factor and bought some chocolate as TP said I had to buy her something and I thought at least that could be eaten.

The cacti garden was at the same place with heaps of interesting cacti. What was interesting was that nearly every cactus and tree was decorated with lights. It must have taken someone hours and a lot of pricks to put so many up. Then of course they have to be taken down again!

Went home to have a sleep before going out for the evening.

At around 5 I went into Las Vegas. I went to the Flamingo and saw the flamingos. I then went to Bally’s but couldn’t find the light show even though I asked where it was. I was going for a coffee at Starbucks but the queue was too long.

A new casino with a totally glass front called Cosmopolitan, looked pretty empty.

I had noticed that Bellagio’s had fountains in their pond outside the casino so I waited for a complete performance. It was like a performance as the water spouted to music. It was beautiful.

Then to the Venetian to see the canals and gondola and finally the Mirage where the show was.

The size of some of these casinos is huge. Hard to imagine. Caesars Palace especially is so so big. It seemed to go on forever.  I couldn’t get it all in one picture from across the road.

I had a drink at the bar of the Mirage, but only 1 $US 13!  That’s around $A17.

The show had a huge cast, phenomenal acrobats and the set was awesome. Each part was designed on a different Beatles song. They had octopuses in the sky let alone under the sea. It was a huge production. The theatre was in the round and performers were all around.



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