I meant the Indian man again at breakfast and we ate breakfast together. His wife has multiple sclerosis.

Grand Canyon

I was at the Grand Canyon by dawn, 7:35, but no sun. No Snow either but very cold. It cost $US30 to get into the park for 1 min to 7 days.

I took the bus to Bright Angel Trailhead once I got to the Visitor Centre and walked back from there. About 4 km but it sure didn’t feel like that. The Grand Canyon changes after every few steps. I don’t have words to describe my feelings about it. I have been before but don’t really remember as it was 20 years ago. Every few steps I stopped and looked at it and saw another formation or different rock. They had a polished rock from 1.8 million years ago and then along the path a polished rock from each strata after that.

I managed to fall. I probably found the only black ice on the path. Suddenly one foot was racing way ahead of the other and my quads were very stretched! I dropped to my knee, it was the only way to stop my fast-moving foot!

The Black Ice I Slipped On!

Had a coffee and then drove along the ridge stopping at viewing points. At one stop a young girl took her coat off and then her jumper. I thought she was going to be photographed like that but no! She stood up on the rock wall with her back to the photographer and took off her t shirt too. She spread her arms and then a photo was taken with her naked back and arms.. Not sure what the idea was but she must have been very cold.

At another viewing point, I walked across ice but I had changed my boots for runners and they didn’t hold. Caught a tree but that was only half way. Fortunately, a knight in shining armour (a young man) helped me across.

I couldn’t decide whether to go via Flagstaff or via Tusayan. I decided via Tusayan as it was 1.5 hrs less driving. I did go via the highway rather than route 66.

Stopped for lunch. I had a beef burger which was good, the rest left a lot to be desired.

A couple more hours and I hit Las Vegas. Lots of traffic once I got to Vegas but I managed to get back to my accommodation in one piece.


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