I headed off to the Grand Canyon today and called in at the Hoover Dam. I went via old route 66 and stayed at Tusayan. With my stop offs, it took around 7 hrs.

I was putting the GPS into TP’s holder but I managed to break it. I still wasn’t able to work out how to use the one which came with the GPS so I had to have it on the seat. I used the inbuilt one as well.

I tried to get petrol. I say tried because once again it wasn’t that simple! I tried what we do at home, take the nozzle and put it in the car and pulled the handle. Nothing.  I asked a lady how to do it and she came aand helped. She said that I should use a credit card so I tried that. The first attempt I put the card where the receipt comes out..  Drrr. Couldn’t pull it out but fortunately I had my sponge bag with nail clippers and used them to pull it out. So, I put it in the correct place and then it wanted to pin code. Of course I didn’t know it so I looked it up by which time it had maxed out. Tried again . whooppeee, accepted but no, please see attendant. How hard can it be to get petrol!

Went to see the attendant and gave her cash. Then went back and it still didn’t give me petrol! A man on the next pump came around and pressed a button. At last, petrol. Broken GPS holder, difficulty getting petrol. Not a good start!

After that the day was Ok except I was really tired after my visit to Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam

I stopped at Peach Springs Old route 66 . I had  an enjoyable lunch of burger with chilli beans on top and of course chips, or fries as I have to call them here.

Burger and Chili Beans

I felt fine after that and headed off again. After about an hour, it snowed a little bit but soon stopped. After another 30 mins it began snowing properly. I wondered whether I would get home but kept going anyway.


It stopped but started again when I arrived in Tusayan where I stayed. It was really pretty and the snow settle it was falling so fast. I was really excited, I love seeing snow fall and it’s ages since I have seen it.

I checked in quickly and went for a walk around town. It didn’t take long as it’s a small place. Checked out the eating places and stopped at MacDonalds for coffee. I tried a caramel mocha but only drank a bit because it was too sweet.

By the time I got back the snow had stopped and what had settled had melted.

I had tea bags in the room but no way to heat water. I found the water with the help of a Danish lady. There was no black tea though.

I asked and they said no black and I said there must be it’s in the room. I went and fetched mine and showed them and they said it must be with housekeeping. I found the cart and sure enough, black tea. A Danish lady was also trying to find tea and between us we managed to find water and tea! Still not a good cup of tea. I don’t think Americans drink tea at all, otherwise someone must know how to make tea!

I also met and Indian looking couple. The lady was in a wheel chair and tapped me and asked if I was English. I said yes, and Australian. She said so  am I , I was born in England and now live in Melbourne!

! went to a steak house for dinner. Very busy although I went at 8pm. I was asked to sit at the bar which I did. It meant that I did not have to wait. The bar man was hyperactive. It was fascinating watching him work. I think there was something not quite right as he served drinks but wasn’t allowed near the till.

I had fillet mignon. It was cooked to perfection with nice hot chips and vegetables.


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