Last Day in Vegas. I went Red Rock Canyon today and did some hiking, then to get a sim card for my phone. That is so much harder and more expensive than Aus. I then headed off to an outlet centre before my final visit to the strip.
Red Rock Canyon is only a short distance from Las Vegas and even shorter from where I was staying as I was on the correct side of town. It took between 20 and 25 mins to get to The Strip from my place. About 15 to get to Red Rock.
As I approached I knew why it was called Red Rock, there was a wide strip of red rock running through some of the mountains/hills.

Red Rock!

I went to the visitors centre to get some advice on the hikes, and I call them that as for the most part they were not easy walking. There were about 20 trails in all and a 13 mile scenic drive. The hikes started at various points on the drive.
I went for # 3 which was easy/moderate. I didn’t find it that easy! I had worn my big coat as it was freezing at the visitor centre. Not a good idea for scrabbling up rocks. A couple of guys passed me on the flat. As it was getting more difficult one came back and asked if it was the correct track. Of course I didn’t know but we decided it must be because of all the foot prints. He continued on and I followed to be confronted by rocks. This was why he wondered as there were no steps or obvious route. He and his mate went up and after they had gone up a fair way they waited to make sure that I had negotiated the obstacle ok which I thought was nice. Once they saw I was OK they headed off again.

As I was making my way up a couple of young girls came down. One hiked a lot but her friend kept saying “ why did you bring me here girl! How am I gona to get down”. It is a lot easier going up than down! Anyway she slid down in the end. They stopped and chatted for a bit and suggested I just leave my coat there as I wanted to go on and it would be easier without my coat.
I took their suggestion and had gone up a bit further when I realised I had left my camera in my coat pocket. I didn’t want to risk losing it so I made my way down again. It made the decision for me anyway. I was debating whether I should listen to my sensible head and stop scrabbling up and over rocks. I didn’t want to stop as it was a challenge and lots of fun. My sensible head said you are on your own and if you slip??? I am pretty sure I would have kept going at least for a while if I hadn’t left my camera in my coat. I really enjoyed it.

Met a couple from Scotland on the way down. The woman was slipping and sliding everywhere on the rocks. At least I had my walking boots which gripped even on flat rock at a 45 degree angle. I told them it got more difficult and that there were no more views where I went up to so they decided to head back. The lady was in real trouble with her shoes but her partner helped her down.
We had a chat on the way back to the car park. They had driven 9 hours the day before to get to Vegas and the next day they were driving to The Grand Canyon via Falstaff, the longer route. They were doing a very fast road trip to Texas from San Francisco.
Said good bye at the car park and the next stop was a look out or an “overlook” as it’s called in US. There are so many different types of rock juxtaposed in this canyon. There was the red stripped rock, white rock, rock which looked as though it was boulders joined together, different strata, rocks which looked like thin layers placed on top of each other and all different colours. Very interesting place.

Valley between 2 mountains

Had another walk but it didn’t seem to go anywhere. Someone asked me where it went and I said I didn’t know as I hadn’t found the track. Tried a bit further down and the track seemed to be the one I was after but when I found the next marker two different track names were identified. Just kept going for a while on the one marked easy but it was a flat track so returned and tried the one marked difficult.
I had seen a trail ride going passed the parking lot and it looked like they had used the track so I wondered how it could be difficult. There is no way that horses would have managed the easy/moderate track I tried at the beginning. It was an easy track as far as I went which was almost to the top. Every time I thought I was close to the top, another “top” appeared. It was really windy and cold and there were dark clouds around. It wasn’t supposed to rain and it didn’t but it looked like it might.

Must be a new sport

I had had enough by then anyway and the views were beautiful from up there. Definitely easy as far as I went compared to my first track! No rocks to surmount, just a pathway up the side of the hill.
I continued on the ride around which was not optional. It was a one way road. I had seen lost of shopping centres on the way out, they seem to be on every corner, so I stopped at a bugger one to get a sim card. I had been told Target sold them so I went there. No, not here, the pharmacist sells them. I thought that was doubtful and couldn’t see the pharmacist she indicated when I got out of the shop anyway. There was an office mart so maybe there, but no, you can only get them at a phone shop, of which there were three. I tried the closest and after consulting the oracle he said Viziron wouldn’t work on my phone and try AT & T.
I walked over there and got in their queue. I got served after 10 mins or so. I was shocked when she said the cheapest plan with data was $US 45 , $A61! You could get a cheaper one with just phone and text but that was useless for what I wanted. I nearly said no but remember how inconvenient it was in Latvia not having internet access on the phone. We are so spoilt with technology now.
Initially it wouldn’t work but the saleslady eventually realised the problem was the data, data had been turned off on my phone. Must have automatically done so when a new sim went in.
It was around 5:30 by now so lots of traffic but I went to the outlet centre anyway. The car parks were absolutely packed. There were only a few parks available on each level. I found one and went to the shops but they were generally high end or more expensive than I was prepared to pay.
I nearly bought a pair of runners, Asics as they were $US60 which was $A 80. When I went to the register there was tax to be added so I decided against them. It put the price up to $A94.
Finally went back to The Strip for dinner. Just an apple so far today, I am trying not to eat too much. I tried to get into Las Vegas, The Show but I was too late for the 7 and I didn’t think I would stay awake for the 9pm.
I was going to try a burger from the Gordon Ramsey Burger café but after standing in the queue for a while I decided to try elsewhere. They have specialised restaurants, there is also a fish and chip one. There may be more but I saw those 2.
I had seen a couple of eating places in the magic mile shopping complex so went back there and ate at a Mexican.
I was “accosted” by a salesman. He was selling tourmaline bracelets. His demonstration was very convincing and I couldn’t see how he tricked me but it was so amazing I couldn’t believe it was not a trick.
He made me stand on one leg and put my arm out. He then pressed on my arm and as expected I toppled. He put the bracelet on and he did the same thing and I didn’t topple.
He then made me put my arms behind my back with my hands linked and he pressed down on my hands. As expected again, I moved. When I put the bracelet on I didn’t.
If it actually worked it would be great for dancing, I wouldn’t overbalance as I do sometimes now in my heals!
I also had some guy put collagen cream under and around one eye. Showed me how “amazing” I now looked. I didn’t even ask the price as I am OK with my wrinkles. He told me how much better the cream was than Botox. As it is highly unlikely I would ever consider Botox it really wasn’t relevant. Walked away with one amazing eye and one normal. No one looked at me strangely, well no more than usual, so I guess it didn’t make that much difference.
I had parked at Planet Hollywood, one of the casinos I hadn’t been into before. It is attached to the magic mile of shops.

Magic Mile Shops


In the shopping area, they have a roof but it is painted to look like the sky to give the impression you are outside. The shops have been made to look like buildings to further the impression of being outside.

Another eventful and enjoyable day, my las in Vegas.


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