Lots of eating and walking today as well as window shopping..

We headed off for breakfast at Elizabeth’s,a recommendation from our host. He suggested we had praline bacon which was very crisp and tasty. We also tried grits, a corn porridge type meal. Another patron told us how good grits were but they were not that appealing to us. The main part we had was duck and sweet potato on a large waffle. They are all different tastes which we must get used to to really enjoy I guess.

Grits, praline bacon and duck and sweet potato waffle

We walked into NO along the river and Crescent Park. Today was more pleasant than yesterday although about the same temperature. The difference was the lack of wind. The walk along the river was OK but not picturesque. Very industrial but they have plantings along the way which improve it a bit. A nice part was that they had swing seats in one spot  to sit and watch the river.


We came across the French Markets as we left the river walk and I actually bought something. A black leather handbag which was a very reasonable price. Lots of interesting stores but the only other purchase was a praline for us to share. Sugar!

Elizabeth’s Cafe

Walked around the area looking at shops of which there were many and interesting also. We went into one and the assistant had a very broad Texan accent. It sounds so false but of course that is how they talk. I am used to hearing it the TV not for real. “How are y’all!”

We did lots of window shopping around the French district. Some very interesting shops. Lots of independent artisans.

We spotted a café and decided that it was time to stop for coffee and to finish our itinerary for the week. Once you buy a tea of coffee here you can refill as much as you like, or so it seems.

A guy sitting behind us heard our accents and determined we were travelers and he turned around and chatted to us. Talked about wanting to come to Australia but was scared of all the poisonous beasts. I wonder how many people these nature programs deter from coming to Aussie. I have met 2 in the short time I’ve been here in NO.

More browsing around the French District and then more food. TP is always hungry. This time we had a Po-Boy with roast beef. They did bring us shrimp to begin with but we sent that back as it wasn’t what we ordered and neither of us are keen on sea food. As there is heaps here in NO it does limit our choice sometimes. I had a wine but TP stuck with water.

Already shared the P-boy

We were still around the French Quarter not far from Jackson sq where we found musicians and artists as well as fortune tellers. An interesting place to say the least. The Catholic Cathedral was there too so we had a quick look in there. Not too ostentatious. It was closing to the public so it literally was a quick look.

We walk along Royal St where there were lots more shops including some antique and second hand ones.TP found a 50c enamel saucer for her work plant so she was happy. There was some interesting stuff to see.

The city is well laid out and was obviously planned as opposed to just growing as the streets are very long. For example, one of the street cars just travels the length of Canal Street.

We walked along Esplanande Ave to see some of the nicer houses around town. The smaller ones have really colourful paint. They look really bright and cheerful. Some are really skinny but very long, a bit like the terrace houses in Sydney. They can be single or semidetached.


We eventually came to the main road and found Louis Armstrong Park but couldn’t find the way in. We had been walking quite a bit so we decided to bus it back towards “home” and the Baccahnal Wine Bar which was about 15 walk from where we lived.

Another interesting place. You go onto a wine shop where the attendants explain that you can buy wine to go or to take upstairs and drink. The wines were all strange to me. TP went upstairs to find a table and I looked for a wine. I had no idea so I asked one of the guys who picked out three I might like. He explained them to me as though I actually had a clue what he was talking about but one he said had a hint of raspberry and that is TP’s favourite fruit so I took that one.

He chose ones he thought I’d like when I said I usually drank Australian cab sav or merlot. It was $US22 and quite palatable.

I headed upstairs with it and fortunately TP had found a table in the back corner so we sipped our wine and listed to the live Jazz. Very pleasant.

Everything here relies on tipping. Wait staff for example get paid about $us2.8 per hr. The musicians must have relied on tipping too as the lead went around with his bucket asking for gratuities.


TP was hungry again, what a surprise! We ordered some food, fingerling potatoes with whipped feta and nuts. They were kiffler potatoes. We also had another Spanish dish which TP said should have been in a tomato sauce but wasn’t. The last was dates stuffed with chorizo and wrapped in bacon. We thought they were a bit expensive for $US2.5 each and none of it was exceptional but it was edible.

TP wants to go back when it warms up and sit in the court yard but we will have the cheese plate next time. They have a pile of cheese in the fridge in the wine shop. You select what and how much you want and they add bread and stuff and make it into a cheese platter.

They have a stage in the court yard for the band.

When a new band come in to set up TP decided she was flagging so we headed home and got there about 9. TP went straight to sleep. I tried to do some writing but my eyes wouldn’t stay open so I relented and slept too.




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