TP arrived today. Visited the botanical gardens, the sculpture garden and the airport, to meet TP.

The day was bright and sunny but windy and when I got outside it was freezing. I had convinced myself NO was warm so even though the internet said it was around freezing but according to the net it felt about 8 degrees F lower than that and I reckon it was right. I had gloves and hands in my pockets but they were still red when I took my cloves off. Occasionally it was pleasant in the sun and protected from the wind.

Anywhere you want to go here there seems to be a charge. The botanical gardens charged to go in and adjacent to it was a Storyland garden but that was charged separately. At least the Sculpture Garden was free. There was a museum but it was $US 12 entry $A 16.5. I decided not to go as I didn’t know what it was exhibiting.

Interesting Sculpture

The Sculpture Garden was free so I had a walk around there. I can’t say that I have a great understanding of art.

There is a 24 hour café in the park, I don’t know why it’s 24 hr but it is. My Airbnb host said they made the best Beignets

Delicious Beignets

so I located the place and had Beignets and hot chocolate. Inside in the warm for a while. I think all city tours must call there as groups of people kept coming and going.

I was really cold but TP’s plane was delayed as it was snowing in New York. Heaps of planes were cancelled but fortunately not TP’s. I knew she had boarded the plane but then when I checked it said delayed. I thought I hope she doesn’t get taken off again and kept checking. The delay got longer but eventually it said she was in the air. They took off about 40 mins behinds schedule but got to NO over an hour behind schedule. The wind must have been affecting the flight I assume.

I went to the bus suggested by maps but then decided to go another way suggested by maps. There was a 20 min wait so I thought I would walk to the next bus stop as anything is better than standing still in the cold.

I walked around the corner and there was a Subway. I decided I would have a Subway. I had only eaten Beignets and it was now around 4pm. I like Subway but the main reason I went in was warmth! Decided on the bus 32 route as opposed to the 39, one of which I had missed while having my sub and the next one didn’t come for 35 mins.

I walked to where maps said the stop was but there was no indication of a bus stop. Fortunately, a lady was standing there and I asked her and she confirmed it was the stop and yes there were a few places which did not have signs that it was a bus stop. Must have been the issue the previous evening when I gave up and went Uber.

Bus came and I boarded, a bit warmer on the bus. I pulled the chord one stop too early but the driver didn’t mind. Drivers are either really cranky or really nice. I haven’t met one in between yet.

Walked to the bus stop for the E-2 which was just around the corner. There was lady sitting there and I asked her if it was the correct place because it didn’t have E-2 anywhere on the signage. She confirmed it was the correct stop and we had a chat. She informed me that she was the head librarian at The Historic New Orleans Collection

and that she had written a book which had just been published. “Guidebook to Sin” by Pamela D, Arceneaux.

The second author I have met since I’ve been here! She also told me why maps had sent me via route 39 bus to my current location. When I arrived in NO, I was dropped right in the city by the E-2 and told that that was where I should pick the bus up from when I wanted to go back to the airport. Well, that was truthful for week days but not weekends. The bus stops in Mid City and goes back, it doesn’t go all the way in.

Pamela gave me a magazine from the museum which kept me occupied for the trip to the airport.

I was about 30 mins early, the plane was due to land at 6:45. I bought a coffee and a donut from Dunkin Donuts. Coffee was very smooth. Once the plane had landed I found out where internationals came in and sat and waited. I thought it was really strange that no one else was there.

Eventually it dawned on me, TP was probably domestic now having gone through customs in New York. I checked the baggage claim board and sure enough, baggage could be collect so obviously not an international flight.

I text her and got a reply saying she wondered where I was. She had just managed to connect to airport Wi-Fi as I sent my message.

She told me where she was which was a couple of minutes away and I went and found her. The next bus left in about 45 mins so we decided a drink was in order. TP had a beer and I a rum which cost $us10.5, over $A 14.

While sitting there TP suggested we Uber it as she was very tired and we had 3 changes and a 15 min wait for buses. Total journey time was 1 hr 48 mins. Late and weekend! There was a 212 bus and she said what about this one.. it went a 6:45 am the next morning!

So Uber it was . it cost a $A 10  more than the estimated top fare which was a bit disappointing but I hadn’t not seen motorways in NO before and the driver had a score of 5!!! I’m only 4.87.

He was very informative about what to do and where to go. He was a musician/actor and used Uber to supplement his income when he had low paying or no work.

TP had a shower and 3 sips of tea and was asleep. She had been awake 22 hrs!


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