Into New Orleans city, Children’s Museum, wandering around the French quarter and stopped off at a couple of bars. Weather was terrible. Raining and cold. I can’t remember the last time my fingers were so cold. Not even in Latvia.

Woke to rain and so I was reluctant to get out of bed. I eventually did and made a cuppa. The host has found a jug so I can have a decent cup of tea.

I checked out things to do but I didn’t want to do too much before TP joined me.

Bused it down to New Orleans. About 20 mins. Got soaked getting off the bus as it was pouring off the roof of the bus! Then took a street car towards the river as I planned to go to the Children’s Museum, which I did.

To my mind, it was a waste of money. Reviews said it was worth seeing but it was just activities for children. Great for small kids but I wouldn’t recommend going as an adult.

Street cars are really old fashioned, presumably on purpose to look like the original NO street cars. They are like trams and are fun to ride on.

Buses and street cars are 1.25 $US a ride and you have to have the correct money. Drivers don’t touch the money, you put it into the machine yourself. If you put in say $US 2 then a ticket is produced  with 50c on it which can only be used on buses and street cars, you cannot get money.

There are 5 day Jazzy passes which cost $US15 but then a 1 day cost $US 3 so it is only convenience which would warrant a 5-day pass. They are very hard to get when you get here. If you want one, then order it before you get here.

One days can be purchased on the bus or street car.

I tried a couple of times to but a longer pass but the machines just rejected my money. I eventually got one with a 10 and a 5 note and then tried for another but it just kept rejecting the $US 5 I entered.

I stopped for lunch at Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar and had a burger with sweet potato fries.

They were delicious, really hot and tasty. So many times fries come out warm. I would go back if only for the fries. Sat up at the bar but no chatters this time.

Wandered around and passed a glass blowing place and went in there for a browse. In the back they were teaching someone to make a glass mug, or a least something with a handle so I watched that for a while. There were some spectacular pieces but no phots allowed.

Walked around the French Quarter and then down to the river which was cold and grey.

Cold and wet day. Mississippi River

I did find a flyer offering free coffee with a purchase so I located the café and had carrot cake and coffee. It was nice to be out of the weather for a while.

Did some more wandering around and eventually went into a bar and had a drink. Almost immediately an older gentleman from Mobile, Alabama came up and asked where I was from. He was in town with his girlfriend for a conference. Another couple joined us later and explained that it was like a club and it sounded as though it was a similar concept to Rotary. Business men getting together to promote each other and do to charitable works or help people In need.

I stayed there a couple of hrs chatting to them. I had more to eat as I was drinking wine. There was also live music which I quite enjoyed although not so much when they went into jambing (not sure if that’s the spelling) mode.

I checked the route home and went to find the bus stop but when I got there I couldn’t find it. It appeared to be indicating one going the wrong way and I could not find one on the other side. No bus came anyway and the time passed when it was suppose to be there so I tried again. It sent me to another bus with an 11 min walk at the end. That was fine but when I got to that bus stop, the bus my maps told me to get wasn’t listed on the bus stop. I gave up and called Uber which arrived in a couple of minutes.

Steve, my driver, asked what I was doing in that area as it was dangerous. I had only seen one person and he just walked past me. Anyway, I got back to my accommodation safely and live to tell the tale. The ride cost me $US 7 so not too bad.


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