Another day with lots of walking. City Park, Sculpture Garden, Longue View House and Cemeteries.


We went down town by bus but we had to wait a while as the first one didn’t come and we definitely didn’t miss it and we began to think the next one wouldn’t but it arrived about 10 mins late. We later talked to a lady at the bus stop coming back who told us that it was often off schedule as it had to wait for boats at a canal bridge and also trains sometimes.

We went to Canal Street and then changed to a street car as TP hadn’t been on one. We headed off to the park where I went on Saturday as TP wanted to try the Beignets and see the Sculpture garden.

Next stop was Longue Vue House and Garden which we walked to from the park except for a couple of stops on the bus. It took about 45 mins. We hopped a bus for a couple of stops as we have bus passes so we can ride the bus and street cars as much as we like.

We were in the cemetery district when we got off the bus so we did a slight detour to see the graves. There are hundreds of mausoleums. Some were very well cared for and other were in various stages of disrepair.


There were a few different cemeteries around there and another after we passed under the highway.

This one appeared to be for the rich and very rich!

Very Elaborate Mausoleums




We arrived at Longue Vue house just in time for the tour. It was very well timed even if it wasn’t planned. The guide or docent, as they call them here, was an ex school teacher of Louisiana history and knew a lot and relayed the information in an engaging manner. She kept us enthralled for the 45-minute tour.


The house was built around 1940 and consists of a number of rooms of different heights. The bathrooms were very elegant and designed especially for the owners of the place. Everything was very up to date. It was the only house to have con in America besides the White House. The vents for the air con were incorporated into the cornice design so they were very unobtrusive. The door hinges even had finials on them. One of the people involved in building the place said that the owners asked for all sort of things and never asked the price.

Unfortunately, photography wasn’t allowed. The lady of the house loved flowers and they are everywhere. On the wall paper and on the seat coverings. It is very ornate.  It has a 13 ft deep basement which is very unusual in NO as the water table is very close to ground level. It flooded to 11 ft and big pumps had to be brought in to pump the water out.

Our guide said that when she was allowed back into her house she thought to herself that she didn’t have flowers on her sofa but it was all different mould growing on it.

We walked around the gardens which were very elaborate with many fountains. Most rooms in the house looked out over a garden. They had a herb garden too in the children’s discovery area.

We checked how to get back into NO and found that we had to retrace our steps to the cemeteries and catch a street car from there. We were trying to cross the road when one left but it wasn’t too long before the next one came. We watched the driver switch over the connections as it was the end of the line.

End of the line!

This street car went the length of Canal Street and so did we! We hadn’t eaten and we were heading for the World of Mardi Gras Museum which almost went past where I had the yummy sweet potato fries so we did a slight detour there. TP was most impressed that I had happened on a place recommended by Trip advisor.

It was happy hour and Margarita’s were $US3.5 so we decided to try one each. I quite liked it but TP wasn’t very keen. Today we had Chicken topped with bacon and Brie with the fries . We did get two lots of fries as I wanted a whole serve to myself. We also had dessert of  bread and butter pudding which is another New Orleans specialty.

The pudding had green gold and purple sugar which we found out were New Orleans colours, We couldn’t understand why so many things had coloured sugar on them but now we know.

It was too late for Mardi Gras world so we decided to head back to the French District. We went via the rover and the walk way was really nice. They have flood defense walls all the way along which are just concrete walls about 3-4 meters  high but in front of them there were seats , gardens, cafes etc.

Walked along Bourbon St which is the main bar street and there are neon signs all along tempting you in but we continued on to a bar which wasn’t right in the tourist area.

It had a triangular bar in the middle and we sat there and chatted to the barman who was 24 I think he said. We asked if he was a local and he said yes and I’m going nowhere. I have everything I need here. We worked out after a short while that it was actually a gay bar.

We headed home after one drink. The plan was to have a rest and then go out locally for dinner.

We caught a bus home and TP fell asleep… and didn’t really wake up again so we skipped dinner. It probably did us good as we always seem to be eating and we hadn’t had lunch until about 4:30.


21,500 steps today



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