We had a cooking class at 10 and then went to a couple of state museums including one on Katrina which was quite distressing. We then took a bit of light relief by going on ghost, murder, voodoo combination tour.

We woke in plenty of time to get to our cooking class but I wasn’t thinking about time and when we left we had to decide whether to rely on a bus or hoof it as it was rather late. Having been let down by the buses yesterday we decided to hedge our bets and we walked towards town until the bus was due. We were just about to give up when I saw a bus so we scuttled back to the stop. It saved us 10 mins so we arrived 5 mins before starts. Wew!

It was really good. We were shown how to cook gumbo, jambalaya, bread pudding and pralines, all of which were delicious.

Some of the dishes were started prior to class because they needed pre prep and we were to eat the dishes. We were pretty full after 4 courses.

We sat at tables set for 8 and there were 7 on ours and now I think about it, 6 were women. The lone male had “cupcakes” as he couldn’t eat the nuts in the bread and butter pudding. Thereafter he was known as Cupcake.


One of the ladies had been to Brisbane and I had a chat to her. Her son had lived in Aussie for a while and had since returned to USA. He met a girl and took her to Aus for a holiday and she loved it. They now plan to live in Aus again and mum is quite pleased as she really enjoyed her previous stay. She was a lady after my own heart, she always visited the botanical gardens of a place.

Joe’s Stuff

Bought some “joe’s Stuff”, a mix ready to be used in Gumbo and Jambalaya and then we went around the corner to the Cabildo Museum which described the settlement of NO. French, Spanish, French, American. Something like that. It was well laid out and described how NO was first settled and then the Battle of New Orleans. Apparently the song which Lonnie Donegan recorded was written by a schoolmaster to teach his kids about that battle.

When we went outside it had been raining and still was a bit. Neither of us had rain coats with us as it wasn’t forecast. Café Du Monde was a few yard away so we went there and had a coffee and beignets. We could eat those anytime.

We then went to another State Museum, The Presbytere. This one had a showing of hurricane Katrina. We were enthralled, such a disaster and no help sent in, the army not talking to the home guard, authorities saying that they didn’t know there were 25,000 people waiting to be helped at the Convention Centre. Listening to peoples accounts and seeing the devastation was really moving. It  was the levies that gave way which caused the flooding and it was the engineering corp of the army that built them. They didn’t put the steel plates far enough into the ground or give them enough support so the force of the water just pushed them over and undermined the levies in 2 or 3 places.

We spent so much time in that bit that when we went upstairs to the fun bit about the Mardi Gras the security guard came around saying that it was closed. Fortunately the lady at the desk wrote on our tickets that we could return the next day. We had planned to stay about an hour and then go to Mardi Gras world at 4 but it wasn’t to be.

We went around to see if we could get onto a walking tour about voodoo, murder etc. We could and we listened to stories of The Ax Murderer amongst others from a very informative and passionate tour guide.

Another was about a lady whose lover left here after he got an inheritance himself and no longer needed hers but she got her revenge. She contracted smallpox and saved the scabs in a small box. As she was dying she asked someone to take the box to her ex lover who received it at his family home. He and his family all died of smallpox.

We chatted to the guide at our halfway stop and he told us he was also in a band which made their own instruments from any bits and pieces that they found which they thought would produce noise. He had a double major in history and said a tour guide was probably all he could do with it.

The tour had a deal with the pub next door which was 2 for 1 Hurricanes so we availed ourselves of that offer after the tour. It was quite nice so we had another and then called a Lyft. Why Lyft? They were offering the first ride, up to $US15 free. We had planned to use the bus. Didn’t work though and I have been charged and am waiting to hear back as to why.

We were going to eat at the café across the road from where we live but it was closed so we went to The Joint instead. An establishment recommended by our host. We had pulled pork and brisket. It was definitely a meat place, not a hint of fish on the menu! The food was good but the staff were not over friendly. They actually started cleaning up around us even though they weren’t due to close for another hour. We didn’t feel comfortable so we took our bottle of wine and walked home. TP lay down and promptly went to sleep.


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