Saw TP off to work and got some clothes dry so that I could go out!

I spent some time finding somewhere to eat in the West End. Lots to consider! We need a veggy option and something that TP and I can share which isn’t too expensive but it’s nice. Found a place called Ruby Blue which seemed to fit the bill and they had 50% discount on everything so it ticked all the boxes, which seems to be the latest saying.

Once my clothes were dry I went up to Rickmansworth. Rainy cold day.

Stopped off at Harrow on the Hill on the way to have a look around the shopping centre. S&J used to live there many years ago.  I didn’t remember it at all. I had hoped there would be a Pret as I hadn’t eaten but there wasn’t so I bought some nectarines to tide me over. They were not crash hot either so I ate only 3.

S always provides plenty of food. Roast chicken and veg this time which was very enjoyable.

Next day, TP came up to Rickmansworth to get another referral from her dr. She got there before I got up as I hadn’t slept well earlier in the night.  She was there before 8am though. When she went to the doc I went into Ricky and then for a walk around the Aquadome. It had been a hard frost as the lake was frozen over. It was a beautiful day though. Very clear and still.

There was a barge at the lock but it had already gone through the lock so I continued my walk. I was back half an hour and S said, my knee need stretching , would you like to go for another walk.. which I did. TP just stayed at S’s and worked.

Barges at the Lock

We left so that we didn’t have to walk London Pace to catch the train. TP’s foot hurt anyway so she didn’t want to power walk. FP texted to say that he was delayed at work and to order for him but he was only 5 mins late. All of the public transport connected for him.

There was a French waiter at the place, Ruby Blue, just off Leicester Square. He was the only 1! He was run off his feet but he didn’t rush anyone and was pleasant and cheerful so even though we had to wait a bit we had a pleasant experience.

TP and I had the steak platter and a couple of sides while FP had the veggy burger. All very good. TP couldn’t believe it when we got the bill but everything was on it. When it’s half price it makes a big difference.

TP and FP were chatting about where they should go for there 2 week break over Easter and I suggested they should come to Aussie… and that was taken up by FP and it rolled on from there.

The reason for being in the West End was Women in Black. I thought I had seen it but I hadn’t. Even though I usually enjoy plays I didn’t really enjoy this one as I couldn’t really understand what was happening. FP enjoyed it but he knew the story line. I think I should have read a synopsis before I went as I was totally lost for most of the play after the first 5 mins.

Walked to Waterloo bridge and caught a bus home which was packed!


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