Shopping for the spring roll wraps after making the Christmas cakes then off the Edinburgh by sleeper train.

I got up to see TP off to work and it was really cold so I went back to bed. When I decided to get up again there was a message from TP saying she was coming home to work. She had been to find out why her foot was hurting so much and she had a soft tissue injury. She was told elevate  it , ice it  and rest it.

I finished the Christmas cakes and put them in the oven. Much easier with half the ingredients.

I looked for flights again while TP worked. She was a bit down. Finally found something acceptable and booked them for her so… they are on the way!

I finally decided I had better walk t Brixton and find the spring roll wrappers and veg for dinner as it was 3pm and were heading off to Edinburgh at around 10pm. I found them in the first shop I went into thankfully.

Prepared and cooked dinner; chicken legs, cauliflower cheese and potato and leek bake. I then started rolling the spring rolls. 30 spring rolls and 30 samosas. TP helped a bit with the spring rolls but then she had some stuff to do for home. Put them in the freezer to harden off a bit before they were packed into plastic bags.

Quick pack and shower before we headed off to Kings Cross. We wanted to get there in time to have a drink in the lounge car on the train. The train didn’t leave until 11:50 pm so a bit late but it allowed passengers to board at 10:00 pm.

We arrived at the station and looked what platform the train left from but we couldn’t see it. I suggested TP look at the tickets but no, she looked at the phone, checking the time and day. I said, tickets! Well , she soon saw the problem, the train left from Euston, not Kings Cross.

We both “assumed” it would be Kings Cross as trains to Scotland generally go from Kings Cross.

Fortunately we had gone in plenty of time as we wanted to have a drink on the train before we set off at 11:50pm. We got a bus to Euston as TP had pain in her foot but it’s only 2 stops. To walk from Kings Cross to Euston would be 10 mins max!

Still no signs but we just looked for the train as by now it was nearly 11. We checked in and headed to the lounge car where drinks were a very reasonable price so we had a leisurely drink before heading back to the cabin to sleep.

Sitting on my Bed

The next morning TP was reading a sign about the wash basin. She hadn’t realised there was one in the cabin but sure enough, there was. She will know for next time.

Wash Basin Discovered!

It’s a nice way to travel. Well rested, I slept OK anyway, TP tossed and turned a bit. We were woken with a cuppa. The purser came back to say we had arrived and I had a chat with him. He was from Canberra. No sign of an accent as far as I could hear!


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