Arrived in Edinburgh around 8 and found breakfast at Martone  only customers. I think maybe it was because they had only just opened for the morning as opposed the food not being good.

F picked us up and dropped TP off at work. I went home with F and had a coffee and chat until we walked back to Princes street. I wandered around an old cemetery which was below the castle. While I waited for TP to advise me where we were lunching.

Edinburgh Castle

St Cuthberts.

St Cuthberts Cemetery

It was interesting in that many parents died quite late, around 75-80, while the kids died really young.

Mum and dad die around 60 yo

Then found a message from TP saying she was at the lunch point so I headed off there. They were very busy so we were there for over an hour. It was a chain we had experienced before. Hamburgers. Byrons. The burgers were good as were the sweet potato fries. I have a real taste for those and I don’t need vinegar and sauce on them. We shared of course!

Then headed off to the University of Edinburgh Medical Research Centre.  We met 2 young ladies who were doing PHD’s and were funded by BHS.


Then headed off to the University of Edinburgh Medical Research Centre.  We met 2 young ladies who were doing PHD’s and were funded by BHF. They were very passionate about their science and although they said there wasn’t anything exciting in a lab, TP and her colleague were impressed having not spent much time in a lab.

I did chemistry, physics and biology so I knew what all the basic stuff was, including the centrifuge. I was surprised that TP didn’t know what it was. They had a basic size one and then one a bit bigger and then a mega one which was huge.   Apparently if the material in that one is not balanced correctly, then serious damage to the lab could be caused.

They showed us the big fridges where samples were stored and some graphs of their results which were displayed in various colours.

The most interesting part was the zebra fish which can regenerate their heart and spinal chord.

They are genetically modified so their heart is green and can easily be seen under a microscope. They are actually see through when they are juveniles which make them very easy to study. A young man was in the Zebra fish lab and he set up a microscope so that we could see the fish under the microscope as they are very tiny when juveniles. The adults are may be 2-3 cm at most.

He put a drop of anesthetic in the liquid so that the fish was tranquilised and couldn’t move to enable us to see it. It was fascinating to watch the heart beat and see the spinal chord. They seem to have huge eyes compared to their body.

To the naked eye it was a tiny speck but easily seen under their microscopes. A little more powerful than the one I used at school!

TP’s colleague dropped us back at my nephews and we had a few wines and lasagna before retiring for the night. My nephew didn’t join us as he was having a dry month so he watched us as we drank wine. F had given up biscuits and their daughter , soft drink.


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