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I can’t usually reach this food!

TP had the morning off this morning as she worked Friday and she actually didn’t work!! Amazing. We went for a walk to Dulwich where we had the most awful breakfast. Walk was nice though, especially watching the poor ducks skating on the ice. They looked so funny.

Breakfast! Well, we walked into the place and they said no meus but we have …  TP asked if they had toasted sandwiches as she had seen one being served to a customer but no they didn’t, they only had one baguette and a couple of roll which I think may have been Turkish. There were a couple of filled baguettes in the display but they didn’t look crash hot so we didn’t go for them. Eggs Benedict was decided upon . I asked if they came on two halfs of muffin with an egg on each and was told yes, they did and did we want ham.

When it came out it was Parma ham or prosciutto, neither of which I like. She said that’s fine you can have normal ham. As she went to get it we started dividing up the breakfast. There was no muffin but instead a dark brown bread which looked like rye bread but worse than that, the egg white wasn’t cooked at all on the egg hiding under the Parma.

I cannot eat raw egg white so TP took it back.  After she had done so and we were waiting for it to be cooked properly, she said that there wasn’t any sauce and I couldn’t remember seeing any either. We should have given up then and told them to forget it but we didn’t even think about it.

It came back on 2 plates. One with 2 of the 3 pieces of brown bread and the Parma and one on ½ of one of the bread rolls. No butter on it and no Hollandaise sauce which is really what makes it into Eggs Benedict.

At least TP didn’t make me leave a tip!

We walked a bit further and had a nice coffee and cake at Pizza Express. TP had a Taste card which allows 2 serves of coffee and cake for the price of one.

Bused back as TP had to start work at 1:30 and also her foot was beginning to twinge a bit. I went to the Co-op to get some salad for dinner while she went home.

I completed forms to get on the electoral role and to find my National Insurance Number. They wanted to know dates of name change(ie marriage) and addresses of where I lived in UK and the dates! It was over 40 years ago! I do remember the address of 44 and the approximate dates but other than that only the suburbs I lived in. Tried to work out other dates from photos but not much joy. I don’t even remember the year I was married. I do remember the day and month because it was the day after U Ron’s birthday.

Hopefully I gave them enough information to prove it’s me. When I phoned the National Insurance place he didn’t have enough information to verify it was me by asking questions which is why I had to complete a form.

Had some samosa and spring rolls for dinner as there were too many for them and their friends so we thought we might as well make sure they were ok. TP doesn’t like mushroom or shrimp and I told her she wouldn’t taste them specifically and she had to admit she didn’t.

The next day I picked up the car today from Kennington. Only a 30 min walk from TP’s place. Arrived about 10:30 but had to wait for a while. They were pretty  slow but I finally got my baby car. A manual Hyundai. Not a nice fast red one though.

Picked up some stuff from Tesco for TP for their evening with M visiting the baby. Then home to chop up the celery and carrot and then to Mitcham to deliver the stuff so that TP and FP could go direct from work.

I then headed off to Rickmansworth and arrived about 3:30. Takes a while traveling around London. I got a blast from someone so I assume I did something wrong but it nearly scared the life out of me. Not sure what I did or didn’t do but no harm done .. I am still in one piece as is the car.

S and J went out to Bridge and they lost so not too happy.


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