Woke up and looked out of the window, fog as forecast so I decided not to hurry away in the hopes that the fog might clear. It didn’t but visibility was a bit better.

Finally left Rickmansworth around 10:30. Headed off via M25, M40, M6 , A5 and then smaller roads. Was going well although not often full speed because of the fog. Was on the M40 when a message came up on Google Maps saying there was an accident ahead but “I was still on the fastest route”. After crawling along for what seemed like forever I finally got past it. Looked like a truck had changed lane and not seen a van so didn’t look too serious.

By this time I needed the loo so I stopped at the next rest stop and had fish and chips and mushy peas. I rarely get fish and chips because TP doesn’t like fish and we usually share.

There was still 2 hours to go according to google and it was about right. Once I got on the M6 around Birmingham, the fog cleared and it was a beautiful clear day.

I got to the closest lane with a name and I had been told it was 1.5 miles from the turn. I thought I was close and saw a lady walking so I asked her. Fortunately, she knew the place and I was about 200 yds from the turn.

The closest village is Four Crosses.

Down a lane and into the yard where K was waiting for me. He had texted where was I as I stopped to ask directions.

Entered a farm yard where the chooks were running around. Lovely part of the country. No need to lock the car so I went in and we had a cup of tea and a chat.

Then the animals. The sheep (4, 3 are pets and one is for the pot but he has to grow a bit first) have 2 scoop of one thing (oats) and 1 a scoop of another (nuts), usually in the morning and their hay has to be filled up. The chooks have a scoop of normal seed and ½ of one which smells like aniseed. They also get mealy worms and I threw them in separately and they must be able to smell them or something because they left their seed and madly ate the worms. The cats are allowed 3 sachets a day plus their dry food.  After dark I have to shut the chook house so that the fox doesn’t get them.

The water comes from a tap in the side of the barn which is above my head. A. has it covered so it doesn’t freeze and the cover looks like a Fez, sideways .. Very ingenious. IF I need hot water because it’s freezing then there is a caravan with hot water in it which also houses the shower. They lived in the caravan for a few years while they renovated the house, which still isn’t complete. The house has a bathroom with a bath and a hand held shower.

It has a nice wood fire in the sitting room which I shall make very good use of! It’s a nice friendly house and comfortable. I shall enjoy sitting by the fire with a rum and a book. It will be like being back on the farm although smaller. I think they have 2 acres.

We had a yummy chicken casserole and rice with peas for dinner but they leave tomorrow so I will have to cook for myself in future.


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